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Continuity Platinum

Server closets may look disorganized to the non-technical world, but they are often well planned and well thought out...and for a good reason.  In many cases, they are the lifeblood of an organization.
Managing these systems is not a 9 to 5 job. 

Work often has to be done after hours especially since that's when most issues seem to occur.  Downtime in an environment like this can be costly leading to unproductive workers, unhappy customers and lost revenue.

Give your business the tools it needs to support these - go Platinum.

Novotech's Continuity Platinum service is the best way to allow you to support and protect your important assets by:

  • Back up your main connection to the Internet through the use of a Premium Cellular
          device for redundancy.....one that uses two separate cellular SIMs to maximize
  • Get access to your key devices.....up to 96 of them at one site!
  • Not only can you communicate with your devices, you can also manage them......configure,
           update, change configuration and load new software/firmware are just a few of the  things you can          do.
  • Detect when there is either an environmental condition (smoke, water, etc) or when your key cabinets are opened.  Better yet, use the box to lock and unlock the cabinets only when you tell it to remotely.
  • Perform all communication securely, thanks to a complimentary subscription to 

          Novotech's SecureIoT Enterprise service.

Ensure connectivity at all times, connect and control your key devices and protect them from unwanted conditions. Do it all with Continuity Platinum. 

Is Continuity Platinum the right solution for you?  Check out this chart to see how it compares to other solutions in the Continuity Family…

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The Continuity line has five different solutions to suit your connectivity and data needs:

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