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Continuity plus

Continuity Plus 

Small and remote offices often make up the backbone of many companies.  However, they don't always have access to the latest and greatest technology for a number of reasons.....cost, complexity, lack of resources.

However, just because they are smaller, it doesn't meant that they do not deserve all of the tools and protection of a big office!

Introducing Continuity Plus from Novotech.....all of the protection that the "big guys" get, but at a price point and maintenance level that meets the needs of all businesses.

How does it work?

  • When things are working well, the Intelligent router 
         securely directs traffic across your existing Internet
         connection. It is also smart enough to allow for a separate
         guest WiFi network for your clients.
  • If the main connection is unavailable (whether to outage or
          there simply is no landline connection around), the cellular
          connectivity kicks in....giving you reliable Internet
  • When there is an available landline connection,
         the router switches back.....on its own.

Continuity plus

What does it do?

Today's business requires that you have a reliable, secure and fast Internet for your business, regardless of what you do.  Companies today rely on the Internet for everything......placing/receiving orders, email, processing payments and much more.

It also has to be easy to set up, easy to maintain and easy to troubleshoot, as you need to focus on running your business.  

Continuity Plus was designed with you in mind….it offers all of the security and reliability of an Enterprise grade router, offers the redundancy to keep your business running during outages and does it in an easy to set up, cost effective solution. 

Benefits to your business:

  • Gives you the Security that you and your customers demand
  • Sets up in minutes and can be supported remotely easily
  • Cellular connection that can back up your Internet or be used as a primary connection
  • Can be used with 2 separate cellular connections for maximum uptime
  • Does it all for one monthly price

Continuity Plus includes:

  •  An Enterprise-Grade router with built in cellular connectivity
  •  A complimentary subscription to SecureIoT™ Essential
  • 1 GB of cellular airtime each month
  •  Access to Industry-leading Over the Air (OTA) Management tools
  •  Extended warranty, Device configuration services and on-going support

Who needs this?

  • Any Small or remote office
  • Branch offices and Franchises
  • Most Retail and restaurant locations
  • Government offices / post offices


Interested in other Continuity solutions?  Novotech offers 5 different flavours, each with their own unique benefit to different business……


Continuity chart


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