Secure IoT Essential

SecureIoT™ Essential

Buying a reliable cellular modem is a good start towards keeping your remote IoT connections secure. Having the most sophisticated exterior access control systems available is a great way to keep most of the threats away from your valuables, but it doesn't protect them from every threat such as:

    • If an employee or trusted visitor sneaks in something, such as a gun or tools to break into your
    • If someone accesses the key systems in the control room from the inside
    • If someone compromises a key resource while inside your facility 

Introducing SecureIoT™ Essential from Novotech – the best way to secure your remote connections by:

  • Bolstering your IoT deployment security level 
  • Protecting your data from many known threats, such as viruses and Spam
  • Using NGFW technology to protect your key assets, such as devices and databases
  • Ensuring that no unwanted data traffic, web sites applications are allowed to be accessed

Works on virtually any cellular modem and on most cellular networks!

In addition to our SecureIoT™ Essential service, Novotech also offers our Enterprise service, which provides an increased level of reporting and other features that will appeal to all IT Directors. 

As well, for those sites that need a little more "horsepower", check out our FortiGate/FortiWiFi offers.


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