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Novotech Fortigate

SecureIoT™ Fortigate

Why use a Fortigate product as your main cellular connection?  Because, sometimes, you need more power to get the job done.

For many business sites, a good cellular modem is an excellent choice to provide cellular connectivity for your remote devices, especially if you secure it with Novotech’s SecureIoT service.  However, for applications that are more demanding (a lot of data processed, highly secure traffic, etc), smart companies opt for the extra power that a Fortigate product provides.

FortiWiFi and Fortigate (non-WiFi) offers your business the capability to get the work done, even when you are far from your office. This solution offers: 

  • 4G enabled connections for blazing fast
  • An all-in-one package to secure/protect your
  • 4 x Gigabit Ethernet and highly secure WiFi
           connectivity (on FortiWiFi model)
  • A compact and reliable form factor with superior
           MTBF (Mean Time between Failure) ratings
  • This solution runs on the most powerful security
           operating system in the world.  


Available services include: 

FortiGuard Security (best real-time protection against on-going threats) and FortCare (Advanced support to help provide the extra support that you may need)

Fortigate Advantages:

It’s an easy to deploy and manage device that provides all of the Advanced Threat Protection that you need to secure your applications and your data

Secure IoT Essential  NGFW
Secure IoT Essential  Application Control
Secure IoT Essential Advanced Threat Protection
Secure IoT Essential  IPS
Secure IoT Essential  VPN
Secure IoT Essential  Web Filtering

It installs in minutes with FortExplorer

Secure IoT Essential Easy setup Wizard enables setup and configuration with easy to follow instructions
Secure IoT Essential Available client for Android and IOS

FortiOS is standard on this device

Secure IoT Essential Consolidated platform for all FortiGate products
Secure IoT Essential Industry-leading protection
Secure IoT Essential Controls thousands of applications, blocks the latest exploits and filters web traffic
     based on millions of real-time URL ratings
Secure IoT Essential  Detects, contains and blocks advanced attacks automatically in minutes with
     integrated advanced threat protection framework
Secure IoT Essential  Solves networking needs with extensive routing, switching, WiFi, LAN and WAN capabilities

Available with FortiGuard Security Subscription services for automated protection

Secure IoT Essential  Real-time intelligence on-board
Secure IoT Essential  Real-time updates
Secure IoT Essential  Advanced Security research
Secure IoT Essential  Validated Security Intelligence

Available with option WiFi capability

Secure IoT Essential  Dual-Band, Dual-Stream Access Point
Secure IoT Essential  Dual-Band chipset addresses PCI-DSS compliance requirement 


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