Unified Threat Management (UTM) Overview

In the world of data security, not only are there a lot of people who may wish to do you harm, there is a lot of different ways that they can do it.

The good news is that with SecureIoT™, we have you covered in many different ways.

While traditional remote IoT security has been based on providing a reliable, secure connection, it relied on other devices/applications to secure your data.  Using SecureIoT™, in addition to a reliable, secure cellular router greatly increases your overall security level.

Fortinet Chart


Below is more information regarding each security layer:

1) Next Generation Firewall

Understands the types of applications and instinctively blocks, as opposed to using rules. More...

2) Antivirus Protection

Data is scanned to ensure no viruses are in the allowed data 

3) Web Filtering

Blocks malicious websites before they load

4) Sandbox Cloud

Anything that might get through the Firewall and is unknown is flagged/inspected by Fortinet.  It can then be tracked to remove the threat from inside the network

5) Application Control

You can control what applications will have access outside of your network

6) Mobile Security

Protection for Mobile Devices

7) IP Reputation and Anti-Botnet Security

Only allows connections with trusted sources.  Prevents digital theft of data and Trojan viruses from working.

8) Web Application Security

Prevents web facing servers/networks from a variety of attacks

9) Database Security

Extra Database security protection and Management tools to assist in setting up databases properly

10) Antispam Protection

Advanced spam filter