Sensors are almost too ubiquitous in today’s life….

They are part of your life:

  • In your home (things like your automatic dishwasher cycle, your
  • In your smartphone (to know when you turned it sideways,
         low light….)
  • In your car (to tell you to get more gas, when to get an oil change…)
  • On your commute (monitoring to change traffic lights, sense when
         you are at a light…)
  • In your workplace (turns off lights when no one is there….)


The benefits to having sensors in your life is endless:

  • Keep you warm and cool
  • Keep you safe
  • Keep you healthy
  • Help make things last longer


Looking for a stunning Sensor stat? It is expected that over 40 sensors will be sold in 2019 for each person on earth… in just a single year.

Sensors are just as helpful for your business-

There are thousands of different ways that you can use Sensor Data to help your business….here are 4 to get you started:

  • Helps to modify lighting to reduce energy usage and help protect against theft
  • Records and alerts to changes in Environmental conditions to protect people, improve the
          life/efficiency of machinery and improve productivity
  • Increases visibility into how devices are used to improve technical support, make repair staff
          more efficient and give engineers better data to improve designs
  • Helps get real-time readings….to improve billing cycles, lower costs and to improve usage

And, there isn’t a single area of your business that cannot benefit from sensors; here are a few examples:

    • Finance / Operations can use Sensor Data to get a better understanding as to what customers are              doing, get better billing data and better maintaining key systems
    • Engineering will love the extra data they get back…..allows them to better understand actual                           usage and prevent large-scale recalls.
    • Customer service will use this data wisely….to see what is going on and to be proactive in fixing                     customer problems.
    • Finally, don’t forget about your Sales and Pricing teams….give them better data and they can be                    much more creative and profitable with their pricing.


Ok, if you have read this far, you likely are starting to see that sensors may help your business.  Let us help you get started….Check out our SensorIoT suite of products to find out more.