Build Your Own Bundle

While Novotech offers a wide selection of Application and Vertical-focused bundles, we realize that some businesses have unique Sensor needs that they simply cannot meet....

We get it....for you, we have created a build it yourself Option.

Step 1 - Start with the basic SensorIoT™ bundle:

This is the basis for any solution, as it includes:

  • The cellular and sensor gateways, plus the antennas you need to connect.
  • Data security services
  • Access to view your sensor data

Step 2 - Pick the cellular rate package that best meets your needs:

Depending on how you are using the solution, your needs for data may vary.  We offer 3 plans to cover the bases:

Low data usage (5MB)

  • This plan covers all of the data that the sensors will need to provide regular reports for up to about 5 sensors
  • It does not offer much data for applications like Internet browsing, Credit card transactions or email

Medium data usage (1GB)

  • This plan is ideal for those with a very large amount of sensors at one location (like 100 or more)
  • This is also the best plan if you expect to use the high-speed Internet connection for a small to moderate amount of traffic 

High data usage (5GB or more)

  • This is the ideal plan if the cellular gateway is being used as the primary access method to the Internet
  • Our team is happy to sit down with you to assess your data needs and recommend the best plan.

Step 3 - Pick the sensors that best meet your needs

For some, it may be 100's of the same sensor, and for others, it may be dozens of different sensors...

  • Each gateway can handle hundreds of sensors and you can use more than
          one gateway at a site....plenty of room for growth.  If you think you may "thousands"
          of sensors per location, you are probably a better fit for SensorIoT™ Asset
  • Our standard sensors are ideal for relatively close deployments .... if you need to
           place sensors hundreds of feet or more from a gateway, ask us about upgrading
           your system (gateway and sensors)
  • Some sensors have a relatively narrow (but important) focus, where as others can be
           used in dozens of different ways.  While a temperature sensor has a relatively
          defined (but important) use, here are some often overlooked ones:
  • Vibration may be the "Swiss army knife" of can be used to do things such
           as detecting a door being opened, a cabinet being moved, a machine not operating
           properly, the startup and stop of a key device, earthquake detection, and much
           more....chances are you can find a good use for it!
  • Motion often gets thought of only for its "intruder detecting" capabilities and it does do a
          good job at that.  However, it is also used for a wide variety of applications such
          as insect/rodent detection, alerting when a contractor comes on site and even counting
          foot traffic past a particular place.
  • While Door Open/Close sensors are a major part of many of our bundled offerings,
           it is important to rethink what is a "door".  For most people, they think of doors as
          only being the outside security door to their building.  However, it can also be used
          on key filing cabinets, computer racks, weapons storage bins, garage doors and more.