Environmental monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Bundle Includes:
  • Business grade cellular router and sensor gateway
  • 2 x cellular and 1 x Sensor antenna 
  • 1 year subscription to SensorIoT™ Portal 
  • 1 year subscription to SecureIoT™ Essential Service
  • 4 x Coin-cell battery-operated wireless sensors:
  • Temperature
  • Vibration
  • Humidity
  • Water presence
  • Moisture

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How sensors help your business:

  • Temperature sensors allow for a detection in changes to temperature to be alerted or recorded                     (depending on your preferences)
  • Vibration detection can alert provide valuable feedback for things ranging from unwanted access to
          key areas to potential natural disasters to alerts that devices are being activated.
  • Humidity is a key thing to monitor for environmentally sensitive areas / products such as agriculture.
  • Water presence can detect the desired addition of water (such as from rain or an irrigation system)
           and unwanted water (such as from flooding or pipe issues) 

Get your information how you want it:

  • See all of your sites on a dashboard....on your phone, laptop or computer
  • Get a text or email notification when things are not right
  • Set up special reports that are delivered to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly
  • View all of your sensors on a map

Key customers for this solution: 

  • Agriculture
  • Nature parks and reserves
  • Waterways, rivers and lakes
  • Weather tracking
  • Environmental clean-ups
  • Construction sites