SensorIoT™ Asset

Every day, we seem to misplace things… phone, keys, documents.  You spend valuable time looking for them.  When you have thousands or millions of things, this problem can be huge.  It costs you time, money and lowers your productivity.

SensorIoT™ Asset can help you not only find things quickly, but also know:

    • The operation status of a key device (temperature, humidity level and excessive vibration)
    • If a device leaves a particular area (meaning that it may be stolen)
    • The lifecycle of each device (to let you make adjustments, repairs or know when to replace)
    • The key data coming from a device (how it is being used, what features are more popular 
           and early warning to any key issues)

Examples of items that may benefit from SensorIoT™ Asset include:

  • Pallets and containers
  • Key pieces of inventory
  • Tools and equipment
  • Industrial items like fencing, barriers and machinery
  • Items in storage, such as tires, boats and furs

Like most solutions, there are several moving parts that need to work together for things to be successful.  At Novotech, we strive to take the complexity out of any deployment by handling the these elements for you:

Data Retrieval
involves all of the components that may be involved in retrieving your valuable IoT Data from the field.  This may include: Sensors, a local area network (like WiFi or Bluetooth), a cellular gateway, information security and cellular data packages.

Data Analysis is key, as there is definitely a great importance placed on some IoT data than on others (such as a notification for a burst pipe being much more important than an “all OK” message at 2am).  A successful data analysis plan will let you decide what has to be done with each bit of data.

Data Action is what brings it all together.  Once all of the data is gathered and it has been sorted, you need to be able to actually do something with it.  Some times, this can be as simple as a text telling you that something has arrived, but in many cases, it means this data may be brought into a CRM system where you can use it to improve your business.


Sensor-based IoT data can work wonders for your business, but only if it provides you the data you need, when you need it.  One of Novotech’s Sales team members is a great place to get started to find out more.  Click here to contact one of us