Data Analysis 

Needle in a haystack, drop of water in an ocean, grain of sand on a beach….all of these can describe how difficult it can be to find one key piece of information in a badly organized IoT solution.


The first part of a successful IoT solution is Data Retrieval, which involves a number of different elements that are involved in getting key IoT data from the field, securing it against viruses, transporting the data and formatting it so that it can be analysed.


However, if you do not have a successful strategy to manage the data, it becomes virtually impossible to find what you need, when you need it.


When done right, Data Analysis can work wonders for your business:

  • Allows you to be notified of any issues in the field
  • Get better data about your customers, allowing for more effective Sales and Marketing
  • Be notified of any potential issues (such as early warning signs of failures, potential
         widespread issues and more)
  • Lower maintenance costs, optimize pick-up schedules and even dispatch repair crews
         before problems cause costly failures.


However, every company is different in what data it cares about and how it wants it to be used.  At Novotech, we have three different approaches to help this


Turn-Key IoT Solutions allow you to have pay one fixed price each month for all components….hardware, sensors (if needed), cellular airtime and data presentation.  

  • These solutions are ideal for companies who are mostly looking for basic reporting…..
          is something on/off, is there unwanted motion or is a key storage area’s temperature
          too warm.
  • They can be deployed at one site or at thousands.
  • The information is viewed on a simple to use cloud interface and the administrator can set
         up things like email/text alerts and automated reports sent to email.


CRM/ERP integration are for companies who have spent time/money implementing such as system and are looking to gain more value from it through the use of IoT

  • Information is securely retrieved from remote devices and is sent to a Data Hub
         for processing.
  • Once in the Hub, the data can be processed into the format that your particular
          system requires.
  • The data can now be used for reports, alerts and analysis by your existing system,
         maximizing its value


Data Analysis suites are ideal for companies who are looking for some of the most advanced metrics and “crunching” to better their business

    • Just like in the first two solutions, data is retrieved securely from the field and brought
            to the Data Hub.
    • The Data Hub works in conjunction with Data Analysis to ensure the formatting
            is optimized….this allows you to work with many different vendors and use
            different protocols seamlessly.
    • Once inside, the Data Analysis programs allow for you to gain better insight into
            your business…..improved reliability, increased productivity, lower loss rates
            and much more.

One of our Sales team members would be happy to speak further with you to go over how IoT Data can improve your business.  Click here to get started.