Solution Benefits 

IoT solutions bring a ton of benefits to just about every company….but they can be costly and time consuming.

Let Novotech help you discover the benefits and how it can change your business.

There are almost as many benefits for IoT as there are deployments, but here are a few common ones:

  • Most manufacturers and service companies find that their products become more
          reliable thanks to the extra level of usage feedback that they receive
  • As well, many engineering products are able to better optimize their products
          (making them lower cost and more competitive) by getting actual data as to how
          they are used
  • Virtually all companies see an increase in productivity….less service calls, better
          decision making in the field and eliminating unnecessary visits/maintenance.
  • Finally, most companies are able to solve issues faster, which improves their
          customer service and their bottom line.


Another great thing about IoT is that it benefits just about every department in your company…

Operations teams are able to learn about issues earlier, keep better track of shipments and components and reduce unnecessary service calls by fixing issues remotely.

Finance departments can now better make long-term capital plans through improved information, improve cash flow by receiving funds quicker and lower down potential liability exposures.

Engineering teams may have the biggest surprise return from IoT as they are able to get live, accurate usage information about their products that they normally had to make assumptions about.  This allows them to reduce unnecessary components, prevent unnecessary recalls/returns and improve the lead time on new products.

Sales may not be an area that comes to mind as one who can benefit from IoT…..However, forward thinking sales companies are able to be notified about issues with their customers early, use IoT data to create new ways of billing and are able to better recommend future products by having actual usage data from their customer’s products.

Finally, most Customer Service teams see a dramatic improvement in many key metrics after IoT solutions are implemented…..”First Call Fix” is improved as they can now do things like device resets, issue notifications allow them to often fix issues before the customer calls and they are now able to be more proactive in the event of a widespread issue.

While these are all benefits that many companies have seen from IoT, it may be different for your organization.  One of our Sales team would be happy to walk you through how IoT can help,click hereto get started.