SimpleIoT™ Local 

         …. The easiest way to add IoT to your product

Today, it seems that everything we buy is becoming “smart”.  This ranges from appliances to cars to homes.  This is a trend that won’t be going away anytime soon, as consumers are demanding to be able to control devices remotely in this demanding market.

SimpleIoT Local is meant to help companies ease into the transition by providing a number of key tools, services and products in a single offering….saving you time, frustration and cost.

What is included in the offer?

Your product is unique, so it is impossible for us to put a single offer together that would meet the needs of all of our customers.  Instead, we provide the following building blocks and allow you to pick what is best for you:

    • Industry-grade, easy to mount IoT system board module
    • Antennas (Bluetooth, WiFi, etc) that meet your needs
    • Internal and External sensors 
    • IoT Security services to protect your data
    • Engineering and Certification expertise
    • Hosted IoT Data Portals and Data Analytics
    • Integration of the data into existing ERP / CRM systems
    • Available OEM financing

What are some of the ideal areas of deployment for this type of solution?

    • Medical Equipment used in offices and Hospitals
    • Equipment for Retailers, Hospitality companies and Restaurants
    • Factories
    • Educational Facilities
    • Agriculture
    • Construction and Infrastructure projects
    • Home and Offices


In addition to embedding IoT directly into your product, Novotech can also help you with our other solutions…

Continuity may be ideal for you if you are looking to connect your device to the Internet via a wired port (such as a Serial port or Ethernet) or via a short range wireless solution (such as WiFi or Bluetooth)

SensorIoT™ may be best for you if you are looking to gather information via sensors for a few or a lot (up to millions) of different devices in the field.

Finally, if you already have an IoT solution, SecureIoT™ may help to increase the security and to protect your valuable data coming from the field

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