SimpleIoT™ Cellular

                          …connecting you to your devices wherever they are

When you mention the word “cellular” to many engineers, it equally excites and scares them at the same time…

Cellular is an exciting technology to add to your product… get a flexible, low-cost and reliable method of connecting to your product virtually anywhere.  This adds tremendous value for you and for your customers……lower downtime, better maintenance adherence, less theft….the list goes on and on.

However, it also adds a new level of complexity that most are not used to.  From worrying about cellular antenna placements, to changing some packaging/design to the increasing burden of industry and PTCRB certifications, many find that it may not be worth the effort to integrate cellular into their products.

SimpleIoT™ Cellular hope to take some of the complexity out of this.  

While each solution is different for every customer, Novotech can put together a package to help you, including:

    • Business-grade, cellular IoT system board
    • Antennas (both local area and cellular) to meet your needs
    • Wired and Wireless sensors (both internally and externally deployed)
    • Engineering expertise, including certification assistance
    • Competitive cellular air time plans
    • IoT Security solutions to protect the integrity of your data
    • Hosted IoT Data portals / analytics software
    • Integration into your existing CRM / ERP or Internal systems
    • OEM Financing available to those who qualify


Some of the areas where device may be deployed using SimpleIoT™ include:

    • Retail, Hospitality and Restaurants
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • Public Safety / Mobile Government
    • Construction and Infrastructure sites
    • Oil/Gas sites, Pipelines and Utility Grids
    • Security applications
    • Home-based Medical applications
    • Mobile / temporary Kiosks / Displays


In addition to embedding IoT directly into your product, Novotech can also help you with our other solutions…

Continuity may be ideal for you if you are looking to connect your device to the Internet via a wired port (such as a Serial port or Ethernet) or via a short range wireless solution (such as WiFi or Bluetooth)

SensorIoT™ may be best for you if you are looking to gather information via sensors for a few or a lot (up to millions) of different devices in the field.

Finally, if you already have an IoT solution, SecureIoT™ may help to increase the security and to protect your valuable data coming from the field

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