Retail Bundle

Retail Bundle

Bundle Includes:
  • Business grade cellular router and sensor gateway
  • 2 x cellular and 1 x Sensor antenna 
  • 1 year subscription to SensorIoT™ Portal 
  • 1 year subscription to SecureIoT™ Essential Service
  • 4 x Coin-cell battery-operated wireless sensors:
  • Temperature
  • Motion
  • Vibration
  • Water Presence 

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How each sensor helps your business:

  • Temperature lets you know the real-time temperature of key
           areas....showrooms, cold/hot storage areas, displays and more
  •  Vibration provides real-time updates of the humidity of key food storage
           areas and dining areas
  • Motion allows you to know when there is motion you want (such as
          customer traffic) and you don't want (such as after-hours entry to key areas)
  • Water presence keeps you up to date when water is found in key areas,
          such as showrooms, storage areas or near electrical rooms. 

Get your information how you want it:

  • See all of your sites on a dashboard....on your phone, laptop or computer
  • Get a text or email notification when things are not right
  • Set up special reports that are delivered to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly
  • View all of your sensors on a map

Key customers for this solution: 

  •  Brick and mortar stores
  • Temporary retailers (flea markets, pop-up stores and kiosks)
  • Mobile commerce (food trucks, delivery and mobile showrooms)
  • 3rd party location retail (airports, "store within a store")