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ClearRF 4G In-Line Signal
RF & Power Over Coax

ClearRF's Patented Passive Bypass Technology

The Passive Bypass is a fail-safe feature which enables a network signal to pass through the amplifier, even if the amplifier loses power, faults or if signal enhancement is not required. The passive bypass enables the connected device to always have access to a network signal to communicate. 

ClearRF, headquartered in Spokane, Washington, produces M2M  cellular amplifiers for commercial M2M applications; i.e. energy and utilities, fire and security, transportation, telematics, telemedical and cashless payment...just to name a few.  ClearRF enables companies to deploy telemetry systems, remotely monitor & control their M2M applications in real-time, 

ClearRF products combine world-class innovation and industry experience and are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. Our amplifiers provide a consistent, strong cellular signal in low or intermittent signal-challenged environments.


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