Skyus DS2

SKYUS_DS2_proto_1a-768x486 SKYUS_DS2_proto_2a-768x495

The Best Choice for Failover or Primary Connectivity

When used as failover or backup support to a gateway router, the Skyus DS2 ensures your connection is ‘always on’ by taking over in the event your primary connectivity source fails for any reason. As a primary source of internet access at point of sale, the Skyus DS2 offers a solid connection for your business.


  • CAT6 technology
  • 4 loaded carrier firmware images
  • Dual SIM with manual toggle
  • Industry-grade durability
  • Easily installed and activated
  • GPS

The only agile enterprise-grade IoT modem available: Skyus DS2

Whether you’re a small business owner or run an enterprise company, the Skyus DS2 provides reliable connectivity to keep your business running smoothly. You’ll no longer need to worry about lost connections or downtimes, which can be costly in more ways than one.

The most powerful, compact modem in its class

The Skyus DS2 stores up to 4 different carrier firmware images, giving you the freedom to use the carrier of your choice without changing out hardware. The only USB modem in its class that works across all the major carrier’s bands, the Skyus DS2 is designed with Cat-6 technology, providing higher throughput in more coverage areas. Featuring two easily accessible SIM slots, the Skyus DS2 enables you to manually toggle active SIMs using a toggle tool, without the need to upload firmware.

3x Faster Data Transfers

Whether its connectivity for digital signage, kiosks, remote monitoring or WAN backup, the Skyus DS2 delivers three times faster data transfer across all major networks than similar products on the market, ensuring constant connectivity. And the Skyus DS2 is industrial rated, which means it can be relied upon for continuous use.