OOB™ By Opengear is out-of-band management, auto-response and remediation for network resilience raised to a new level.

Opengear delivers resilience, remote troubleshooting and remediation to improve availability, uptime, and the efficiency of networks while Leveraging 4G LTE cellular cellular for cost effectiveness.

Founded in 2004, Opengear delivers next generation intelligent solutions for managing critical IT and communications infrastructure. Opengear smart solutions equip our customers’ networks with smart automation and bulletproof resilience, enabling them to optimize technical operations and secure business continuity. The company is headquartered in New Jersey, with a manufacturing facility in Utah, R&D operations in Australia and Silicon Valley, and sales offices in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Opengear provides enterprise customers with next generation smart solutions for managing and protecting their critical IT and communications infrastructure. We provide our customers with the security, the automation and the resilience necessary to operate efficiently, reduce costs and ensure business continuity.

Maintaining a focus on products for your data center we also are innovating in the remote space.  We add features like Zero Touch Provisioning to quickly deploy and manage large number of nodes in a data center.

Our products can easily be deployed in a new installation or integrated with your existing equipment. Integrating our products you can still utilize a CLI without any additional changes to your network. Your network engineers can simply plug and play your console enabled devices with no additional training, new software or process changes.

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  • Infrastructure is accessible from anywhere — even during system or network outage
  • Proactively detect faults before they become failure
  • Faster recovery from network and IT failures with failover to cellular
  • Minimizes disruption and downtime, providing the highest levels of business continuity


For Smart out-of-band management, look up our solutions: 

Continuity Essential

Continuity Enterprise

Continuity platinum


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Opengear Data Center Management E-Book

To keep up with today's network management demands, it's imperative that your customer’s data center be more resilient. This ebook, written by Opengear, explores how leveraging the latest Out-of-Band management technologies can deliver speed, security, and 24/7 access to your network devices in the data center.

What’s Out of Band?

Out-of-Band Management is at the core of network resiliency, but what is it really? Watch the video to see Opengear’s Central Regional Sales Manager, Joe Valha break it down in a simple and easy to understand way.

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