Novotech’s Self-Serve Support for
Cellular Router Hardware Issues

If you plug in your device and you're not seeing any power indicator lights, follow the quick steps below.

Check the power supply in another device to ensure there is functional power input going to the device.

If the power supply works with another device, proceed to step #2

Complete a factory reset on the device. Instruction for factory reset can be found on this quick start manual for the product.

If your device is Sierra Wireless, head here.
If your device is a Cradlepoint, head here.
If your device is a Digi, head here.
If your device is a Inhand, head here.
If your device is a Inseego, head here.
If your device is a Gemalto, head here. 

If your device is unresponsive, proceed to step #3.

Login to the device using your web browser. If you are able to successfully login, proceed to step #4 

If you are unable to login, 

Thank you for following the troubleshooting steps. Please follow the steps below to talk to our support team.

  1. Follow this link to email our support team:  Email Customer Support 
  2. Please give us a brief description of your issue, your serial number and any other relevant details a support staff member should know.
  3. It is mandatory to include your device’s serial number.

Check your devices current software updates. If your account indicates, you need an update on firmware/software. Update your device per manufacturer recommendation and repeat step #1.

If you are unable update your device, or after updates it still doesn’t work, Email Customer Support here. *same email comment as above