Troubleshooting: When a cellular router or gateway will not connect or has intermittent connection.

It's frustrating when your cellular router or gateway does not connect to the network.
You can tell you have connection problems if your connection LEDs are not as expected, flickering, or you have intermittent connectivity. Depending on the manufacturer the LED indicator may go on for up to 30 seconds then go off again.

If this happens, follow the steps below.

Is the SIM installed properly?

If so, is the APN set?

If the SIM is installed properly and the APN is set, remove the SIM and test it in another device along with setting the correct APN in the other device.

If the other device connects, return the SIM to the new device and test again.

If the device still does not connect, contact your SIM provider to ensure your device and cellular services are compatible.

If your issue still is not solved, proceed to step #2

APNs (or cellular access points) are specific to each cellular company and potentially to your account.

If you are with Rogers or Telus, follow the directions below.

If you are with another carrier, contact them for their APN.

If you have a unique APN contact your SIM reseller.

If you are with Telus, check your APN is Telus.

If you are with rogers, check your APN is Rogers.

If your issue is still not resolved, proceed to step #3

Complete a factory reset on the device. Instruction for factory reset can be found on this quick start manual for the product.

If your device is Sierra Wireless, head here.
If your device is a Cradlepoint, head here.
If your device is a Digi, head here.
If your device is a Inhand, head here.
If your device is a Inseego, head here.
If your device is a Gemalto, head here. 

If you device STILL does not connect, proceed to step #4.

Thank you for following the troubleshooting steps. Please follow the steps below to talk to our support team.

  1. Login to device.
    Take a screenshot of Network/Cellular Status to send to Novotech Support.
  2. Follow the link to email our support team:  Email Customer Support 
  3. Please fill out a brief description of your issue, your serial number and any other relevant details a support staff member should know.
  4. It is mandatory to include your device’s serial number.