Most companies have had some level of lock down. Many businesses have closed their main offices, which has forced a record number of workers into remote working. It is unlike anything we have seen in our lifetimes.

Not many companies plan for events like the evacuation of physical locations, natural disasters and even a prolonged interruption to internet connections.

Were you ready to have all of your employees work remotely on laptops and spotty home Wi-Fi? Was the speed of connection, security and access to files a problem? You're not alone.

We've developed this short quiz and checklist to determine your state of readiness. Then, we give you solutions to maintain business as usual through any disruption.

HINT: a good cellular gateway can help maintain consistent, fast, and secure communications.

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Remote working checklist from NovotechDoes your organization have what you need to handle a sudden increase in remote working?

Novotech developed this checklist to determine what hardware and services you need to handle remote working. It helps consider speed of connectivity, security, and the ability for your employees to access data and systems within your network from outside the network.

Download the remote working checklist now