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Sierra Wireless cellular gateways and routers can simplify building your Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to power tomorrow’s world.

Novotech distributes industry leading lines of Sierra Wireless Cellular Routers including the LX40, LX60, RV55, RV55X and MP70. Same-day shipping available.

Sierra Wireless Cellular Gateways

Cellular gateway is a device used to provide a reliable and flexible Internet access to one or many devices. Cellular Gateways can act as primary or a backup connection for a vital landline connection. The most common applications of gateways include fixed or stationary and mobile, mounted on vehicles.

Sierra Wireless Cellular Routers

A cellular router is a device providing shared Internet access through a cellular gateway. A standard wireless interface makes it easy for computers, cell phones, and other network-enabled products to share the connection. The difference between a cellular router and a traditional router is that the latter obtains Internet access through cable, telephone or fibre optic lines rather than cell towers.

Sierra Wireless Airlink Antennas

Accelerate your deployment with always-on, end-to-end connectivity provided by a portfolio of high-performance AirLink® antennas. Tested and certified to provide guaranteed performance with all AirLink routers and gateways, Sierra Wireless antennas are designed to connect a wide range of mobile and fixed applications in public safety, utilities, industrial and distributed enterprises.

Sierra Wireless Accessories

Cellular Gateways & Routers

For more than 25 years, Sierra Wireless has been delivering secure, manageable, high-performance cellular networking for mission-critical applications. In this time, they have been accelerating the deployment of new applications with secure connectivity, location-based services and remote management made possible by their 3G and 4G LTE cellular router and gateway solutions.



Sierra’s product line of cellular routers, cellular gateways and management solutions provide reliable and secure connectivity designed for harsh and hazardous environments, giving operations and IT real-time awareness with remote monitoring. Sierra is a trusted partner in many industries including first responders, utilities, public transit, building automation, digital signage and more.

Airlink Technology

AirLink® cellular routers & cellular gateways connect remote organizational assets – people, locations and infrastructure – securely to the enterprise network, and allow you to configure remotely, deploy, monitor and manage these assets with cloud-based or on-premises management systems. All equipment is engineered to be deployed out-of-the-box without additional programming and have the intelligence to stay connected.  Relied upon every day in remote outdoor locations, in-vehicle applications, and retail chains, AirLink solutions securely connect workforces, equipment, and services.


Performance Based

The Performance Series of cellular routers including the MG90, MP70, and RV55 are designed for customers who demand the best for mission-critical applications in extremely harsh indoor, vehicle or exposed outdoor locations. They provide the ultimate combination of secure, cellular LTE and Wi-Fi performance, with high-availability and network agility in a ruggedized form-factor.

The Essential Series of cellular routers - the LX Series - is designed for business-critical applications in indoor, vehicle and protected outdoor locations. They provide the most effective balance of secure, reliable LTE connectivity, Wi-Fi, and WAN failover capabilities in a compact form-factors.

About Sierra Wireless

Novotech is proud to be an authorized distributor of Sierra products for the last 20 years.  Sierra Wireless products and solutions connect thousands of businesses to critical data and millions of people to information. Headquartered in British Columbia, Sierra Wireless has over 1400 employees and extends to over 130 countries. They are trusted globally to develop products and services get to market faster and can, in turn, help save lives, reduce carbon emissions, and make neighbourhoods safer. As IoT grows, the vision remains the same: continue to empower businesses to reimagine their future in the connected world, enabling them to transform and thrive in the connected economy.


Cellular Routers vs Cellular Gateways

Cellular routers are used to connect similar networks like 2 TCP/IP networks. Cellular gateways are used to connect dissimilar networks like a n PC network (TCP/IP) with a 3270 mainframe environment (potentially non-TCP/IP).

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Check out the Sierra Wireless Cellular router comparison chart that discusses ideal uses, serial ports and carriers.

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