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Mobile internet
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Stay Connected.

Choose a Teltonika or Sierra Wireless
cellular router with WiFi and a 2GB data
plan for secure, fast mobile internet.

A Smart Solution for
Property Managers

Sensors placed in rest rooms track data
so property managers can monitor
supply levels and cleaning staff.

Mero | Monitor bathroom facilities supplies

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IoT Solutions

Routers and Gateways

Our portfolio of cellular routers and cellular gateways contains both high-end IoT and mobile internet solutions and cost-efficient 4G routers, 5G routers, IoT gateways, sensors, software and M2M/IoT connectivity. We also offer device management and support.

Brands we distribute:
Sierra Wireless, Inhand Networks, Cradlepoint, Gemalto, Digi, Red Lion, Inseego and Teltonika routers, modems and gateways.


We sell a diverse combination of Antennas to suit every IoT application, in a staggering amount of form factors and mounts. We supply high-quality, multi-use, extremely durable solutions, as well as less featured, cost-efficient enterprise-grade antennas.

Brands we distribute:
We are an official distributor of Airgain, MobileMark, Taoglas, San Jose, and PCTel Antennas.

GPS & Timing Products

We stock Time and Frequency products that use the accuracy of GNSS-satellite clocks to provide precise timing, synchronization, and frequency reference signals for many industries. Communication systems, data centers, financial networks, utilities, factory automation, security and other infrastructure rely on precise timing for synchronization and operational efficiency.

Brands we distribute:
We are proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor of Trimble products. Trimble provides the precision time and frequency products for some of the world's largest telecommunication, finance, and computer networking companies.


Modules are an integral part of many IoT based products. Solutions include metering, tracking and tracing, remote surveillance, connected signs, fleet management, building automation, smart energy, digital health, intelligent lighting, and others.

Brands we distribute:
We distribute Sequans, Gemalto, and Digi Modules.

Signal Boosters

The signal boosters we carry are self-configuring, carrier-approved, and unconditionally network safe. Whether you need cellular coverage in enterprise, business, residential, and transportation applications

Brands we distribute:
We are a distributor of Cel-Fi by Nextivity signal boosting technology that manufactures cellular boosters and accessory products like cables and antennas.