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Novotech Thought

Why your GrubHub order doesn’t arrive without IoT

I have to admit; I was not one of the early adopters when it came to using food apps. Perhaps it is my age, maybe it is my level of pickiness when eating, or perhaps it is that I am a decent cook. Whatever the reason, I never saw what all of the fuss was […]

Kids may not go back to school in September… IoT is here to help either way

For the past two months, my wife (along with millions of other parents) is doing her new day job: a 3rd and 9th-grade teacher. The kids are still doing a fair amount of work online through various platforms and seem to be maintaining some schedule. Like most parents, though, we are wondering how long this [...]

COVID is making it tougher for retailers to use IoT to fight off Amazon

I have written before about how much I am not a big fan of malls (or any in-store shopping for that matter). I usually know what I want, and, if available online, I will typically buy it. Based on trends over the past decade, I may be somewhat alone on this, as the percentage of [...]

Securing 5G: How do we secure a “dirty network?”

5G is everywhere. It is not the actual network itself, as it is only available sparingly in some areas but instead, let's talk about how our lives are going to change. Who needs to go to a hospital when your doctor can operate from anywhere? Traffic jams?  They will disappear once we all have self-driving [...]