LX40 Din Rail Mounting Bracket

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Sierra Wireless
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For LX40


Din Rail Mounting Bracket for LX40
Top Features Device Variant Specifications
LTE Supported LX40 LTE Cat4 LTE (150/50 Mbps) (DL/UL), HSPA+

Cat M1 (300/375 kbps), Cat-NB1 (27/65 kbps) (DL/UL)

Navigation All None
Wi-Fi LX40 LTE (Optional)

Dual-Band 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi 802.11 Wave2, Client Mod

Support for 10 clients, WPA2 Enterprise
Interfaces All Gigabit Ethernet port with POE (Power Over Ethernet)
RS485 and RS-232

USB 2.0

Digital I/O and analog inputs
Security All Secure boot and secure firmware update, Remote Authentication, Inbound and Outbound Port filtering, Inbound and Outbound Trusted IP
Construction All Polycarbonate housings that meet MIL-810/IP20 environmental standards
Industry Certifications All

Safety: IECEE Certification and SAE J1455 (Shock & Vibration)

Vehicle Usage: E-Mark and SAE J1455 (Shock & Vibration)
Dimensions All

103 mm x 79 mm x 25 mm

4.1 in x 3.1 in x 1.0 in
Warranty All 3 years (with options for up to 5 years)
Regions and Carriers LX40 LTE North America - Verizon, AT&T/Generic, EMEA, Australia and New Zealand
LX40 LTE-M/NB-IoT Global
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