DL-9-RG58 MIMO Antenna

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LTE, 700-2700 MHz, SMA/SMA, RG58, 30cm Cable

Variations of the DL-9-RG58 MIMO Antenna


MIMO design-Two LTE antennas to improve the communication performance

The DL-9 is the LTE MIMO Antenna, which covers 700~2700MHz. It is specially designed for 2G, 3G and 4G applications. The high sensitivity of DL-9 will be the best candidate for your alternative. 

Features Of the SANAV DL-9

  • Low profile structure without a whip
  • Screw through hole mount
  • Support 2G3G4G application bands
  • Two LTE antennas to improve the communication performance


 LTE Main Antenna

 LTE Sub-Antenna


 704~960MHz; 1710~2690MHz


 6.1dBi @ 704~960MHZ
 5.47dBi@ 1710~2690MHz, with 3mRG-58 cable

 4.91dBi @ 704~960MHz
 4.45dbi @ 1710~2690MHz, with3mRG-58 cable




 Noise Figure


 Band Width

 256MHz for 704MHZ~960MHz

 980MHz for 1710MHz~2690MHz


 50 Ohm


 3 Meter-RG-58, SMA(SP) or other standard connectors



 Power supply


 Power Consumption


 Power Handling


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