Mini-T GG Starter Kit

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Multi-GNSS (GPS and GLONASS) Disciplined Clock Starter Kit

Variations of the Mini-T GG Starter Kit


This starter kit includes:

  • Multi-GNSS, Multi-Constellation Disciplined Clock

Features of this starter kit:

  • Simultaneous GPS and GLONASS tracking
  • Extended temperature range (-40°C / +85°C)
  • Holdover stability of ±5us over 24 hour period @ 25°C
  • Small foot print and low profile, suited for digital broadcast and small cells
  • PPS and 10MHz output
  • T-RAIM (Disciplined Clock Autonomous Integrity Monitoring) provides high PPS integrity

Multi-GNSS Disciplined Clock
The Trimble® Mini-T™ GG is a multi-GNSS (GPS, GLONASS) Disciplined Clock, optimized to generate precise timing signal. Designed specifically for compact, high-volume applications. When operating in Over Determined Timing Mode the accuracy of pulse per second (PPS) is within 15 nanoseconds of GNSS/UTC.

Synchronization for next generation
The Mini-T™ GG gives OEMs the opportunity to embed a low-cost precise time and frequency reference, in our smallest form-factor yet.
Trimble created the Mini-T™ GG using clock technology proven in generations of deployed units used in 4G networks (LTE, WiMAX, HSPA+) and digital broadcasting applications. It utilizes the latest in GNSS technology, combined with a precision ovenized oscillator for near atomic clock precision timing

Standard timing feature
The Mini-T™ GG includes many of Trimble’s standard timing features, including the Disciplined Clock Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (T-RAIM) algorithm, and automatic self-survey. The Mini-T™ GG is factory default with the TSIP protocol that follows specific timing products and applications

Proven Reliability
The Mini-T™ GG offers proven reliability and performance, will exceed your expectations, and enable you to provide your customers with the highest quality GNSS solution available today

The Mini-T™ GG GNSS Clock Board is offered with a standard 10 MHz output, but it is also available in custom frequencies.

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