First Responders have a dangerous job. IoT solutions can create a safer environment while also making first responder processes more productive. 

Here are some general ways that IoT is helping all three branches of Public Safety:

 An Increased use of high-speed networks allows team members to access critical information safely and quickly while remote; This could be a mugshot, a blueprint of a building or a key medical record.

  • Traditionally, most public safety radio systems focused on voice-based communication, and these are still in use widely today.
  • However, the ability to access critical documents and records remotely has dramatically improved the effectiveness of public safety while improving worker safety.
  • Recently, many governments have announced dedicated networks for public safety to improve their use and effectiveness, especially during times of crisis.


Applications of IoT in Firefighting

IoT solutions can benefit businesses by enabling:

Monitoring Critial Assets

Providing an accurate account of all key items (including tank levels) of their equipment at the Fire Hall and on the rig.

  • Water tank, medical equipment and safety gear are just a few of the things that are vital to be on the truck at all times.
  • Bluetooth technology can alert if a key piece of equipment gets moved away from the truck, while bar-code based IoT solutions can alert when something needs to be stocked.

Sensors for Life Saving Measures

Situations can change quickly at the site of a fire.  Sensors are being used to keep a real-time account of the sites, to alert to the need for an evacuation

  • Sensors used may include the presence of a particular chemical or gas, heat and motion sensors.
  • These sensors are specifically made to handle the rigors of the job ... they have long-life batteries and are built to handle heat and vibration.

GPS Capabilties 

Fire departments use specialized transponders, one that are built to handle the incredible heat at a fire, to better locate a team member if they are unable to speak

  • Worn on the person, these transponders use high-available radio technology that allows them to work deep into a building.
  • They use GPS and other location-based technologies to locate the user, even when they may be deep in a parking garage or basement.

What IoT Hardware is Suited for Firefighting?








To develop these applications for you business, you need hardware, software and in most cases, custom solutions. Reach out to one of sales staff to start developing your solution with us.

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Video Surveillance

The use of video surveillance is changing how the “police stakeout” is done, often lowering costs and improving efficiency.

  • There is significant “cost” to a police stakeout. Besides the financial costs, there is a lack of productivity and a potential risk to health when the officers spend a lot of time in one location.
  • The combination of high-speed cellular connectivity, the lower cost of high-definition video recording and sensors allow the police to be notified of particular movement at a location at a lower cost than ever before.

Advanced Alarm Systems

The use of audio alarms is used to alert to the presence of gunshots, particularly in areas that are less prone to speaking with the police.

  • These audio detectors are very advanced, easily detecting the difference between a car backfiring and a gunshot to minimize false alarms
  • It can also go one step further to alert to different groups based on the type of weapon that is detected. As an example, an alert to the SWAT team may be sent if the weapon detected is one that is capable of more damage.

Real Time Recording 

On-person / in-vehicle video surveillance solutions are being used to both improve the level of service offer to the public as well as to alert to a potential issue.

  • The video feed is sent back to a recording device located on the vehicle. The feed can be accessed in real-time or historically.
  • Dash Cameras work in a similar manner, allowing for the recording of events that take place in around the vehicle.

Big Data Analysis

The use of Artificial intelligence / Big Data analysis is on the rise by police forces.  By using data gathered (often via IoT), police forces are able to better anticipate certain areas / times of day when crime may occur.

  • As an example, historical data may note that crime rates escalate when particular variables happen to occur. This may include the area in proximity to a school and in the period from one hour after the school dismisses until 3 hours after.
  • By using historical data, there is the potential to take bias out of staffing decisions.

Applications of IoT in Firefighting

IoT solutions can benefit businesses by enabling:


A gateway used to manage the device and allow changes from remote office.  It is configured remotely through cellular technology


With a router Head office could remotely change content across all devices instantly


To develop these applications for you business, you need hardware, software and in most cases, custom solutions. Reach out to one of sales staff to start developing your solution with us.

We carry all the top brands in IoT Gateways Routers Modems-Brands like Sierra, Inhand, Cradlepoint, and DIGI carry what you need to start.

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Paramedic Services

Tracking Supply Levels

Ensuring that all required supplies are replenished, and equipment is on-board vehicles at all times.

  • Ambulances require a large amount of supplies as well as key equipment.
  • Bar-code scanning solutions allow for both a better understanding as to the user of consumable supplies, as well as alerts if the level is low.
  • Short area wireless solutions (such as Bluetooth) are used in conjunction with key pieces of machinery, like defibrillators, to ensure they are both on the vehicle and in working order.

Preventative Alert Systems

  • One of the deadliest forms of collisions is the “T-Bone”, where a vehicle is struck on the side by an oncoming vehicle. These are common collisions for ambulances.
  • Beacon systems alert when an ambulance is approaching a “high-collision” intersection and quickly change the traffic light to allow the ambulance to proceed on a green light. Allowing traffic light systems to change based on the presence of an on-coming ambulance.  This helps to reduce travel times as well as to prevent unwanted collisions.

Key Information Sharing

New medical equipment used in the field has the ability to transmit key information to specialists, allowing for improved diagnosis and treatment during the transport.

  • For most injuries and illnesses, the EMT is fully equipped to handle the situation.
  • However, in many cases, there is a benefit to key information being transmitted from the site to a specialist at the hospital.
  • IoT-enabled equipment allows for information to be shared in real-time, to allow for better preparation at the hospital, including calling in any required specialists.







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