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Product Questions


What is included in the box with Teltonika routers?

Teltonika routers come with several things that help you get started.
  • RUT950: The Teltonika RUT950 comes with a quick start guide that instructs you to set up the device and use it. The box also contains a 1.5 meter or 5-foot ethernet cable along with an AC adapter. It also has three antennas.
  • RUT240: The Teltonika RUT240 comes with a 1.5 meter or 5-foot ethernet cable along with an AC adapter that powers the device. The box also has a SIM needle that you can use to insert the SIM if you do not have any other needle or paper clip at hand. There are three antennas in the box. Two of them are for cellular connectivity, while the third is for Wi-Fi functionality.
  • RUT955: The Taltonika RUT955 comes with the same apparatus as the two routers discussed above

Are Teltonika routers and gateways certified on Canadian Carriers?

Teltonika Networks is focused on providing a quality user experience over mobile broadband networks with their devices, and the company has acquired many certifications that are useful in the market. Due to these certifications, Teltonika Networks has offered its products in more than 130 countries. The company has many certificates in the APAC and EMEA regions and the United States.
The company's  UL/CSA 62368-1 certificate was granted to the RUT240 Teltonika router. Case testing was done by SGS, a Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory. SGS can certify and test products for the Canadian and U.S. markets. The RUT240 Teltonika router is compliant with the safety standards set by Canadian and American carriers.

What is the warranty on Teltonika products?

Teltonika Networks/Telematics offers a 24-month warranty on its products. If there's an additional agreement, the warranty period may be extended. All batteries from the company come with a 6-month warranty period. If a product fails during this time, it can be:
  • Repaired
  • Replaced with another repaired product that has the same functionality
  • Replaced with a new product
  • Replaced with a different product that has the same functionality
For devices purchased from local Teltonika offices, distributors, or resellers, please refer to the local Teltonika office, your distributor or reseller's point of contact for all information on the return of Telematics/Networks/Telemedic products.
The warranty does not cover any malfunctions or defects that may have been caused by:
  • Improper or incorrect use, maintenance, and operation, or storage of the product
  • Inappropriate modification or alteration, including tampering with embedded software in any manner whatsoever
  • Exposure of products to moisture, wetness, dust, or extreme heat and cold for extended periods
Customers can only return the products if they are defective due to a manufacturing fault from the company. You must return the product to the company's designated location within 30 days of getting the Returns Merchandise Authorization form.
To learn about the warranty on products bought from local Teltonika offices, distributors, or resellers, refer to your distributor, local Teltonika office, or reseller's point of contact to get more information about returning Telematics/Networks/Telemedic products.

How do you configure a Teltonika device?

According to the Teltonika wiki, the configuration menu is in the Management tab. You can use it to upload backup files or configure your device that is registered on your RMS profile.
To configure your device, go to the web page for RMS. In the left panel, click on "Management" and then go to "Devices." In the Devices submenu, select "Configuration" and then "Configure Device."
Depending on the device you're trying to configure, you'll see the configuration options. Select your device and choose the settings you wish to configure. Fill in the information and then click on "Save." You will see the configuration process in the next window.
Finally, click on the "Close" button. Close the window and wait for your device to load the new settings. It could take a while for the configuration to redownload. If you have any queries, contact Teltonika support. 

How do you set up the RUT950 Teltonika router?

To set up the Teltonika RUT950, you need a Soracom account, a Soracom SIM card, and a computer or tablet in addition to the router itself. Start by registering your SIM card. Remove the SIM card from its package and use the eject tool that comes with the Teltonika router RUT950 to depress the eject button for the SIM card tray.
When the card tray is released, put the SIM on the card, and ensure you're orienting it properly. Then, insert the tray back into the Teltonika router RUT950.
Plug the power adapter and give the router a few minutes to boot. Now, you just have to configure the APN settings of the SIM card and let the router search for the cellular network and connect to it.
Follow the steps below for configuration:
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi network the router broadcasts using your tablet or phone. You can see the default username and password on the back of the router.
  • Type in the web browser to open the configuration screen.
  • Log in to the WebUI. The default username is "admin," and the password is "admin01".
  • After logging in, you will see the status overview page for the router. Go to "Network" and then to "Mobile."
  • In the section for the APN setting, type "soracom.io." You may have to uncheck the "Auto" checkbox to enter these settings.
  • Make sure you uncheck the "Deny Data Roaming" box too. It's fine if the other settings have their default values.
  • Click on the "Save" button to confirm the changes.
The device will take a few minutes to save these settings. After the configuration has been reloaded, the router will search for available networks and connect to one automatically. Go to the Status menu and then select "Overview" to check the cellular connection status.
If you have any queries, contact Teltonika support. 


Do Teltonika products have stand-alone or automatic failover?

Auto failover is a feature that allows a device or service to automatically switch to a backup system or path if the primary one fails.
There are two types of auto failover: link and node. 
  • Link failover: The backup system is activated when the primary link becomes inactive.
  • Node failover: The backup system is activated when a device becomes inactive on the primary side.
The routers will automatically switch to the backup path when the primary connection goes down. Teltonika routers Failover feature is available in the Cellular menu, and it can be enabled for both WAN and LAN ports. Additionally, you can set a priority for each port. The router will try to use the port with the higher priority first, and if that fails, it will use the port with the lower priority.
When configuring failover, you will also need to specify a backup gateway. This is the IP address of the device or service that will be used as the backup connection. You can find this information in your account with the provider of the backup service.

Many Teltonika devices have this feature, which can be enabled in the configuration menu. The Teltonika RUTX11 Industrial Cellular Routers have Teltonika failover along with backup WAN. These routers also have a wide range of other features, such as cellular speeds of up to 300Mbps, dual-band Wi-Fi, support for multiple protocols, and compatibility with the company's Remote Management System.


Can Teltonika routers be used for failover with a router?

Yes, many Teltonika models are compatible with failover. Browse modems on Novotech and look for the specs or contact our sales team for a one-on-one consultation.
How much is the remote management software for the modem?
The annual license of the remote management software for the modem costs $50, while the monthly license costs $5

Brand Questions 


Does Teltonika have Global deployments with large [F500] companies?

Yes, Teltonika has signed contracts to provide its cellular modems, routers, and SIM cards to many global companies. Teltonika has also deployed projects in Vietnam, South Africa, Brazil, Russia, to name a few. You can see their incredible work here.

Does Teltonika have any public case studies?

Yes, there are a TON! You can see them here. These case studies are from a wide range of industries, such as transportation, security, healthcare, and technology.
The company provides remote management, GPS trackers, industrial cellular routers, and gateways to these industries. In 2020, Teltonika catered to 900 customers, delivering over 140,000 devices in 98 countries. Find more information on Teltonika's website.

Novotech Questions


1. What are the lead times on Teltonika routers?

We carry a large amount of stock in our Canadian and U.S. warehouses. Check with your sales representative for a more accurate lead time.

2. How much do Teltonika Routers cost?

Teltonika Cellular Routers start at $169 for the RUT240. Higher-end Routers like the RUT955 can cost up to $1,000. Some of Teltonika's popular devices are the Teltonika RUT955 and Teltonika RUT240. You can check their prices on our  website.


3. Are there any recurring costs associated with Teltonika Routers?

Yes, there is an annual/monthly fee for the license of the remote management software. It costs $50 for a year or $5 per month.

4. Can I buy Teltonika from anywhere in the world?

Yes. Just call Novotech, and we can direct you to a sales representative that can coordinate with you. You can create an account with us and get approved within one business day.