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About EmWicon

EmWicon is a full-stack developer for IoT and embedded wireless solution providers. They provide IoT and wireless solutions ranging from wireless modules to embedded boards. Customers who want shorter time to market solution designs seek EmWicon out.

EmWicon offers a wide variety of customization options that enable customer-specific applications and IoT solutions. Whether you need a custom-made product, require specific features, or need complete product development services, Emwicon uses in-house expertise to bring your product to market with the results you want. So, no matter what your IoT applications require, EmWicon has the right solution for you. 

Services & Solutions

They offer services that include customizing hardware and software according to customers' specific requirements. They also feature manufacturing services where the engineering and development team works jointly with the customer's engineering team for new product development.

They collaborate with multiple project stakeholders to bring your connected factory vision to reality and implement mature yet flexible Industrial IoT solutions. They are flexible in the types of business engaged in. Customer success is a priority.

Get the IoT technology you need today to stay competitive

EmWicon has vast experience and novel ideas to create a thought-out IoT system & embedded wireless communication solutions tailored to the needs of many industries. They closely cooperate with customers, analyze their business objectives, and determine IoT system capabilities.

From there, EmWicon will develop an embedded wireless communication solution and a detailed roadmap of the system implementation. They leverage our IoT & embedded wireless development experience to bring down implementation costs and reduce risks at all the implementation stages.


IoT has made complete automation possible. Solutions like Smart Cities, Smart homes, Smart factories, and Connected vehicles are possible only because of IoT. IoT has differently shaped traditional industries. It is based on ICT (Information and Communication Technology). It has combined both the physical and digital worlds. This technology will help streamline business processes and thereby boost productivity to a great extent. 

EmWicon experience in designing and manufacturing IoT & wireless connectivity devices has been our core strength. It has developed the expertise required to produce reliable and high-performance wireless devices. Our support and engineering services ensure quick time to market. 

Building Constriction in Califorina with mountains in the background

Automation Examples

Gas IoT

IoT has found its way into the Oil and Gas Industries. Now, managers monitor IoT to keep employees safe in the work environment

Potted Plants

Smart Pot can monitor environmental parameters by sensors placed above the plants and into the pots. An IoT device based on a Raspberry Pi board is placed under a pot, and the sensors are connected to it.

Machine Tools

A network of sensors based on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) is implemented at the machine to record, collect, and analyze runtime data such as the machine's vibration behaviour in specific operating states.