Last updated January, 2021

It is important to choose the best Digi cellular router for your application. Digi and Novotech have produced the reference chart below to compare various Digi Cellular Routers.

Digi WR11 XT Digi WR31 Digi WR44 RR Digi LR54 Digi WR54
Images   DIGI WR11XT DIGI Router   DIGI TRANSPORT WR44 DIGI Router DIGI Router
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Industry Retail Retail, Medical, Industrial Industrial, Energy, Government Transportation, Government Retail, Financial Transportation, Retail,
Rugged Enclosure ✔ DIN and Wall
Interface Options Analog/Digital I/O GNSS Wi-Fi Wi-Fi GNSS
Serial Ports (232/485) RS232 / RS485 RS232 RS232 RS232
Multi-Carrier (3G/4G LTE) OPTIONAL Dual Cellular
Ethernet Ports 1 2 4 4 4
Power 5V 9-30V 9-36V 12V 9-36V
Python Programming
Dual SIM
Digi Remote Manager Product Information Digi WR11 XT Documents Digi WR31 Documents Digi WR44 RR Documents Digi LR54 Documents Digi WR54 Documents
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Interested In More Information About Digi?

Check out the Digi vendor page with details about Digi technology, products and company details.

DIGI Cellular Routers

Creating a more connected digital ecosystem requires the installation of communication infrastructure to accommodate the delivery of data to and from devices and facilities far and wide. Digi cellular solutions help you expand into areas previously too difficult to access, making your systems more productive, more responsive and more secure.

Digi Routers Are Network-Agnostic

Only Digi can supply you with the pre-certified cellular routers and gateways for use around the world...with the support and expertise you need to keep your mission-critical applications up and running

When Security Matters Most

Cyber-attacks are a very hot topic – and a very real threat. That’s why Digi LTE routers support advanced VPN, firewall, encryption and authentication tools to ensure the highest cyber protection. Digi TrustFence® gives you built-in security that simplifies connecting devices in order to more easily integrate device security, device identity and data privacy capabilities.

  • Secure Boot: Ensures only signed software images can run on a device
  • Encrypted Storage: Local file system encryption keeps internal device data safe
  • Protected Ports: Access-controlled internal and external ports prevent unwanted “back doors”
  • Configuration Best Practices and Monitoring: Support and guidelines for properly securing a device

Digi Remote Manager®

The one place to go to better manage, monitor, configure and protect all your remote devices.

  • Set performance thresholds and inspect individual devices
  • View the summary status of device groups
  • Report and alert on performance statistics
  • Connection history and signal quality
  • Latency, data usage and packet loss- Edit configurations and update firmware
  • Over 175 security controls protect your data


Digi Remote Manager includes:

  • Device Health: Set the performance parameters for healthy devices and create reports and alarms to stay ahead of issues
  • Compliance and Security: Maintain security compliance (e.g., PCI, HIPAA, NIST) by defining a gold standard configuration, and then scanning and fixing any out-of-compliance devices.
  • Firmware Updates: Schedule firmware updates to groups of devices en masse