Technology used for 5GIn many commercial settings that use several internet of things (IoT) devices, such as hospitals, airports, hotels, and shipping centers, a Wi-Fi connection isn’t the best wireless internet option to keep devices in sync. That’s why many companies are setting up their own Wide area networks (WANs) rather than relying on an internet service provider.

In 2016, the Federal Communications Commission in the United States released a part of the radio spectrum for commercial use at 3.5 GHz, called the Citizen’s Broadcast Radio Spectrum (CBRS), sometimes also known as LTE Band 48. Devices can connect to this frequency much like they do to Wi-Fi. The advantage to CBRS is that it is currently less frequently accessed than the Wi-Fi spectrum and can thus support faster speeds with less latency.

The IoT space has expanded greatly in the last few years, and with this new broadband space opened up, the opportunities seem limitless. Luckily, we carry the best equipment for private networks from several companies. Here are a few of our favorite routers approved for private networks.


Cradlepoint focuses on building secure wide-area network (WAN) connections that can be on 24/7 and makes some of the best equipment for private networks.

AER2200 Router 

The AER2200 Router is designed for multi-site companies with small- to mid-sized branches. It includes multiple ports for ethernet activity and Wi-Fi access while also establishing a pathway to 5G. A good use case would be maintaining quality assurance across multiple nearby factors. 

COR IBR1700 LTE Router 

The COR IBR 1700 is a ruggedized, gigabit-class LTE router for the most demanding mobile networking applications.


E300 Router 

The E300 is a router designed for medium branches where security and analytics performance are needed. Like the AER2200, it comes with ethernet connectivity and Wi-Fi.


Digi cellular gateways are easy to install and are great for connecting large networks of sensors. They also offer a wide range of products that focus on different development requirements. Because of a focus on mobile applications, they are particularly appealing for the transportation sector. 

TransPort WR54 Cellular Router

The TransPort WR54 works well with transit operational data such as schedules, fare collection, and even engine performance. It’s also great for first responder communication. They are built to withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, and dust. 

TransPort TX64 Cellular Router

The TransPort TX64 router is excellent for providing internet service to passengers while maintaining speed for the internal system. Built with a quad-core processor, it also comes with configuration options like GNSS and Bluetooth. 

TransPort TX54 Cellular Router

The TransPort TX54 router is built for longevity in applications that require nonstop connectivity, such as emergency services or power plants. 


Peplink specializes in SD-WAN, which stands for software-defined wide area networks, which can support several connection types and enable load sharing. Wide-area networks are ideal for outdoor environments.

MAX BR1 ENT LTE Advanced Router

The MAX BR1 is a sturdy router at a great value. It’s excellent for covering outdoor areas at resorts such as pools or golf courses or at construction sites. With a sturdy metal enclosure, it’s built to withstand the elements. 

MAX HD4 MBX Router

The MAX HD4 MBX is built to maintain connection during high-demand times. For example, at a hotel when guests are checking their emails in the morning, it could reduce latency and prevent disconnection. 

Sierra Wireless AirLink 

Sierra Wireless focuses on making reliable, secure, and speedy internet architecture for critical business environments and government resources. 

RV55 Rugged LTE-A Pro Router

The RV55 is rugged, compact, and easy to install, making it ideal for connecting fleets of vehicles and distribution management.

MG90-5G Multi-Network Vehicle Router

The MG90 is ideal for applications on vehicles. Not only is it vibration and temperature resistant, it is also built to connect with vehicles via Bluetooth or other options. 



Unlike the other companies in this article, Telit focuses on high-performance IoT wireless modules rather than full-on routers. These IoT modules are great for systems with many sensors that all need to be synced. Use cases include surveillance cameras, quality assurance machinery, and automation.

LM960A18 Gigabit LTE mPCle Data Card 

This little module packs a punch. The LM960A18 Gigabit LTE mPCle Data Card is a great option for connecting the IoT. It supports multiple radio frequency bands, making it ideal in environments that need to have several different pieces of technology working together.


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