Panorama Antennas

Panorama Antennas is a family business now in its third generation and is a leading designer and manufacturer of antennas for radio communication.

Novotech distributes leading lines of Panorama Cellular Antennas

Transportation & Vehicle Antennas

An antenna is a transducer that converts radio frequency (RF) fields into alternating current or vice versa. There are both receiving and transmission antennas for sending or receiving radio transmissions. Antennas play an important role in the operation of all radio equipment.  These high performance, low profile antennas are designed for many frequencies, including LTE with MIMO, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS/GNSS. Designed for all environments, our broad range of highly integrated and multi-band products support a variety of applications from kiosk and ATM connectivity to government and public safety applications.

High Gain Directional & 5G Ready Antennas

About Panorama

Panorama Antennas is a leading designer and manufacturer of antennas for radio communication. Panorama's constant cutting-edge research ensures their antennas meet the demands of the latest communication technologies. Trusted by thousands of professionals and consumers the world over, these antennas provide communications even in the most challenging conditions.

Currently, Panorama specializes in professional antenna solutions for modern communications technologies. Panorama Antennas have innovative solutions to critical communications, M2M and IoT, cellular LTE and In-building market sectors.

Panorama Technology

Panorama boasts expertise in delivering combination antennas with multiple technologies and solutions tailored for challenging applications. With 70 years of experience delivering world-class antenna products, Panorama's current product range reflects unparalleled expertise in providing high-quality performance antennas.

Panorama Antennas has designed and manufactured antennas and closely related products around the world since 1947. They are constantly providing customers with high-quality antennas and accessories that meet all contract specifications and statutory or regulatory requirements.

High Performance

  • First-class customer service to determine customer requirements and monitor them, develop and communicate them throughout the company.
  • Outstanding people who possess the expertise, creativity, empowerment and accountability to understand, interpret and deliver these requirements in the final product.
  • Excellent systems and processes to ensure the best quality antennas are supplied to the customer in the most timely, risk-free and least expensive way possible.

Panorama works closely with suppliers and distributors to develop strong relationships, communicate quality objectives and requirements and assist them towards continual improvement. 

Antennas for Cradlepoint Routers

Panorama Antennas provides a range of antennas for Cradlepoint Routers. As an approved antenna supplier to Cradlepoint, Panorama has developed a specific product landing page on its website dedicated to its devices. This allows the user to select from a wide range of configured antenna solutions and approved for function with Cradlepoint routers. 

Panorama wants to remove the complexities of identifying the correct antenna solution for customers. There is a wide range of antenna solutions built for Cradlepoint routers. They are split into three categories; Branch Networks, Mobile Networks, and IoT Networks. Panorama has carefully chosen which antennas are best suited for each type and go with each Cradlepoint router depending on their functionality.

Plug & Play Solutions

Panorama features "Plug-and-play" solutions where the antenna is ready to be installed. It comes with complete cable assemblies and can be fit with the correct connectors to work with its Cradlepoint router counterpart.

The antennas are wideband cellular, so covering all operating frequencies within the market. The GPS/GNSS antennas are designed to function with all satellite constellations. The WiFi antennas are ready to operate at all the required frequencies for the technology. Everything comes in a single package, complete with full installation instructions.