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Digi is a manufacturer of Cellular gateways, routers and modems. Design, deploy and manage a network of connected devices built to provide seamless connectivity and reliable performance under the most demanding conditions.

Novotech distributes industry leading lines of Digi Cellular Routers and Modules.

Featured Digi Cellular Router

Digi launches the TX40 5G router, purpose-built for emergency response vehicles and priced for widespread deployment.

Digi TX40 5G Router

The Digi Cellular Router Lineup

Digi Industrial Cellular Routers

Digi industrial routers provide the rugged, reliable network connectivity and remote management tools for heavy-duty applications such as precision farming, oil fields, industrial tanks, water treatment and construction.

Recommended for light industrial, retail, & financial. 1 ethernet, dual SIM, RS-232/485, no WiFi.

Recommended for light industrial, retail, & financial. 2 ethernet, dual SIM, RS-232/485, WiFi optional.

Recommended for critical infrastructure, industrial, smart cities, & smart grid, 2 ethernet, dual SIM, RS-232/422/485, no WiFi.

Special Note on EOL Industrial Routers - Please see below for information on discontinued line of WR Transport products along with their recommended replacements:

WR11 Transport was replaced with the IX10 LTE Cellular Router.
WR21 Transport was replaced with the IX20 LTE Cellular Router.
WR31Transport was replaced with the IX30 LTE Cellular, Dual Ethernet Router.
WR44 Transport was replaced with the TX54 LTE Advanced Cellular Router or TX54 FirstNet LTE Advanced Cellular Router
WR54 Transport was replaced with the TX54 LTE Advanced Cellular Router.
WR64 Transport was replaced with the TX64 Dual LTE, Dual WiFi Cellular Router.

See a comprehensive comparison of the WR and IX and TX features.

Digi Enterprise Cellular Routers

Digi enterprise cellular extenders ensure your business environment is connected securely and reliably. Our suite of business continuity cellular extenders offers features such as Gigabit Ethernet, dedicated serial ports, Digi SureLink™, failover and redundancy

Avoid network outages with primary or backup LTE connectivity; integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure. 2 ethernet, embedded LTE, dual SIM, no WiFi.

Branch connectivity in a compact, affordable, all-in-one solution. 2 ethernet, certified Digi CORE plug-in modem LTE-A Pro/LTE-A/LTE/3G/2G, dual SIM, WiFi optional.

5G go-to enterprise solution for primary or backup wireless connectivity. 2 ethernet, Embedded 5G NR / LTE-A Pro, dual SIM, WiFi 6, PoE.

Digi Transportation Cellular Routers

Digi's purpose-built routers for the transportation industry support multiple requirements from one device; these include onboard routing and GPS, security and passenger Wi-Fi. Our newest routers segment public vs. private data communication across dual 600 Mbps CAT 11 cellular modules. All models offer remote management tools to enable remote monitoring and rapid firmware updates.

Rugged and secure cellular router for mission critical industrial and transportation applications, including models for public safety networks. 4 ethernet, WiFi (dual WiFi optional), dual SIM.

High performance cellular router with dual redundant communications for complex transit and transportation systems. 4 ethernet, dual 802.11 ac, dual SIM.

5G railway-rated cellular router customized for both on-board heavy and light rail railways and metros. 4 ethernet, dual 802.11 ac, dual SIM.

Digi XBee Cellular Gateways

A cellular gateway in an IoT system converts wireless protocols like Zigbee, DigiMesh, or LoRaWAN to cellular. The gateway acts as a bridge between an enterprise LAN and the Internet, and can connect a variety of network protocols to IP or cellular networks. Gateways also support edge compute by aggregating data, converting it from analog to digital, and encrypting it before transmitting it over the network.

Infrastructure Management

Console Servers

Secure access and management for servers and network devices - Digi Console Access Servers provide secure and intelligent console access to critical data center assets and infrastructure such as routers, servers, switches, power controllers and storage. The benefits of these console servers include seamless console access over any network, straight through cabling for most IT devices, centralized IT asset management, and simultaneous access to multiple devices.

16-port Console Access Server

48-port Console Access Server

Serial Connectivity

The safe, simple, and secure modernization solution - Securely streamline critical infrastructure with Digi Connect EZ. Connect to automation robotics control, centralized device management, data acquisition, point-of-sale equipment, and more.

Digi Connect EZ 2

2-port serial server with LTE and accessories

Digi Connect EZ 4

4-port serial server, with WI-Fi and accessories

Digi Connect EZ 4i

4-port serial server, industrial-rated, with LTE, Wi-Fi and accessories

8-port serial server with RS-232

16-port serial server with RS-232

USB Connectivity

Connect USB Peripheral devices anywhere, anytime, without a host computer -Digi AnywhereUSB® Plus brings secure, flexible and scalable USB 3.1 multiport connectivity for USB devices connected from remote or virtualized hosts. These USB hubs provide secure, robust connectivity between peripheral devices and a PC without the physical proximity constraints typically associated with USB devices. Key applications include kiosks, warehouse logistics, retail point of sale (POS), restaurant kitchens, manufacturing lines, and more

2-port USB over IP remote USB hub

8-port USB over IP remote USB hub with WiFi

24-port USB over IP remote USB hub with WiFi

Are you looking for more information on USB Connectivity over LAN without a host computer? Read about USB over IP: Enhanced USB Connectivity for IoT Business Automation.

Digi Accessories

Digi Modules

An IoT module is a small electronic device embedded in objects, machines and things that connect to wireless networks and sends and receives data. Sometimes referred to as a "radio chip", the IoT module contains the same technology and data circuits found in mobile phones but without features like a display or keypad.  IoT modules provide always-on connectivity.

Cellular Gateways & Modules

Since 1985, Digi International Inc. (Digi) has been a pioneer in wireless communication, forging the future for connected devices and responding to the needs of the people and enterprises that use them.

More than 23 billion connected IoT devices around the world will transmit over 430 trillion bytes of data communications across applications in smart cities, transportation systems, medical operations, precision agriculture and industrial environments, allowing businesses to access critical information instantaneously. The devices and machines that operate in the most demanding environments rely on IoT solutions from Digi.

Digi Technology

Digi cellular gateways provide easy-to-install cellular WAN connectivity rated for industrial and commercial use in environments that require protective enclosures for temperature and humidity. Their industrial cellular gateways are ideal for connecting large networks of sensors or Digi XBee based devices enabling WAN to RF, Ethernet or serial connections.

Digi Modules

Digi's suite of embedded solutions includes RF and cellular modules, SoMs and SBCs to support your development requirements. Whether your chief concern is range, power, programmability, certification, security, or software tools, Digi has your needs covered.

Building Constriction in Califorina with mountains in the background

Digi International

Digi International has 15 offices around the world, 500 world wide employees and customers from each corner of the planet; they bring visions and innovations to life with machine connectivity that’s relentlessly reliable, secure, scalable, and manageable.

Digi Solutions

Novotech distributes Digi’s major product offerings, like the TransPort cellular router and gateway line, the Connect Sensor, Digi XBee RF Modules, Digi XBee Cellular Modems and all applicable accessories.

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