Airgain Antennas

Wireless Innovator

Airgain Antennas and IoT solutions provide advanced wireless connectivity for mobile, automotive fleet, and industrial IoT and M2M applications.

Novotech distributes leading lines of Airgain Cellular Antennas

Antenna Plus by Airgain Fleet and Public Safety Antennas

An antenna is a transducer that converts radio frequency (RF) fields into alternating current or vice versa. There are both receiving and transmission antennas for sending or receiving radio transmissions. Antennas play an important role in the operation of all radio equipment.  These high performance, low profile antennas are designed for many frequencies, including LTE with MIMO, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS/GNSS. Designed for all environments, our broad range of highly integrated and multi-band products support a variety of applications from kiosk and ATM connectivity to government and public safety applications.

High Performance External IP67 Antennas with 7, 8 or 9 ports for LTE, Wi-Fi & GNSS.

High Performance External Antennas with 1 to 6 ports for LTE, Wi-Fi & GNSS.

High Performance Compact External IP67 Antennas with 1 to 6 ports.

Antenna Plus by Airgain M2M & Fixed Asset Antennas

Antenna Plus by Airgain has a wide range of indoor and outdoor antennas designed for M2M and IoT applications, designed to flexibly mount to various surfaces and can connect to any modem.

LTE MIMO IP67 Antennas.

LTE IP67 Antennas.

High Performance External IP67 MIMO Antennas in M2M2 Housing.

Cellular Antennas

Airgain is a leading provider of advanced antenna technologies used to enable high performance wireless networking across a broad range of devices and markets, including consumer, enterprise, and automotive.

Combining design-led thinking with testing and development, Airgain works in partnership with the entire ecosystem, including carriers, chipset suppliers, OEMs, ODMs and of course distributors like Novotech.  


Airgain Technology

Airgain’s antennas are deployed in carrier, fleet, enterprise, residential, private, government, and public safety wireless networks and systems. They are used in set-top boxes, access points, routers, modems, gateways, media adapters, portables, digital televisions, sensors, fleet, and asset tracking devices.  

In 2018, Airgain acquired Antenna Plus, an innovator of high-quality antenna products for mobile and automotive fleet applications for government, public safety, and Industrial IoT markets. The acquisition will accelerate Airgain’s penetration into several new and high growth markets, including mobile and automotive connectivity solutions for mission-critical applications, as well as outdoor antenna solutions for Industrial IoT applications. 

High Performance

Airgain’s antenna systems enable many of the industry’s highest performing products. The goal of their proprietary design process is to achieve a minimum 30% real world OTA (Over The Air) performance improvement over competing antenna systems – providing differentiated performance for our customer’s products. It is this commitment that has allowed the CENTURION and MULTIMAX lines have contributed to many success stories in fleet tracking, public safety and first responders.


About Airgain

Airgain stocks over 1,000 Antenna products and has 245 Patents, making them a leading antenna solution provider, with 180 million antennas in the market today. Versatile and custom antenna work has helped them attain many large customers over the last 10 years. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Airgain also maintains design and test centers in the U.S., U.K., and China.