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Novotech now distributes other lines of cellular routers and gateways. Check out our line card with brands like Teltonika, Sierra Wireless, InHand and more. 

AirLink® LX60

The LX60 is designed to meet the environmental and performance requirements of a diverse range of equipment in building, industrial and mobile locations, delivering superior reliability and uninterrupted operation in fixed, indoor and protected outdoor environments.

  • Supports edge processing and IoT applications with ALEOS Application Framework (AAF)
  • Remote, secure network management in the cloud or in the enterprise
  • Includes first year of network management and support with AirLink Complete

Teltonika RUT240

RUT240 is a compact, cost-effective ($199 USD) and secure industrial 4G/LTE WiFi router for professional applications. The mobile router delivers high performance for mission-critical cellular communication in harsh and hazardous environments where a wide operating temperature is required.

Equipped with an external SIM holder, digital input/output and signal strength status LEDs, it ensures easy network deployment and management.

InHand IR611

Integrating 4G LTE/3G cellular routing and VPN technologies, the InRouter611-S is an entry-level industrial router. Now available with the LTE CAT 1/CAT M1, the InRouter611-S is able to provide highly efficient LTE connectivity and more cost-effective solutions for M2M/IoT applications, including retail, ATM/POS, digital signage, remote monitoring, smart metering, healthcare and more.

Engineering-Driven Innovation

Peplink provides solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible

Novotech distributes industry-leading lines of Peplink Cellular Routers.

MAX BR1 Series

The Best-Kept Secret in Business Rugged Connectivity

Sturdy cellular routers that deliver excellent value. Use these as your primary or backup routers, providing seamless VPN failover.

MAX-BR1 Slim

MAX-BR1 Dome

MAX-BR1 Mini

LTE Router with

  • Dual Micro USB Power Input
  • Terminal Block for Secure Power Supply
  • Redundant SIM Slots for Multiple Carriers

LTE Router with

  • 8 Additional SIM With the SIM Injector
  • FirstNet Ready
  • Fleet Tracking and Management
  • Multiple Mounting Options

LTE Router with

  • Small but Sturdy

  • OOBM Support

  • Optional Class 1 Div 2 support

MAX HD Series

What's the difference between the HD4 and the HD2?

The HD2 has Dual Cellular for Multiple Carriers. MAX HD2 has two embedded cellular modems and dual SIM slots that allow you to use the same or different cellular providers for bandwidth bonding or eliminate blind spots. The MAX HD4 delivers outstanding performance from all your connections with Speed Fusion bandwidth bonding and intelligent load balancing, cutting down on cabling and simplifying deployments. With a PoE activation kit purchase, the HD4 supports 802.3at PoE Output, so one cable is all you need for both connectivity and power.



Dual 4G LTE Mobile Router

The MAX HD2 gives you blazing-fast connectivity on the road with dual embedded cellular modems and SpeedFusion, plus a built-in 4-port GE switch to reduce clutter in your mobile deployments.

  •  802.11ac Wi-Fi AP
  • Terminal Block for Secure Power Supply
  • Built-in 4-Port GE Switch
  • Dual Cellular for Multiple Carriers
  • Dual SIM slots that allows you to use the same or different cellular providers

Quad 4G LTE Mobile Router

The MAX HD4 delivers outstanding performance from all your connections with the help of SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding and intelligent load balancing.

  • SpeedFusion creates an unbreakable and bonded connection using multiple 4G LTE/3G modems from different carriers.
  • VoIP communication, emergency Wi-Fi are possible in disaster recovery projects.
  • Redundant SIM slots allow you to use up to four different cellular providers for bandwidth bonding, data overage protection or eliminating blind spots.
  • Terminal Block for Secure Power Supply
  • 8-Port GE Switch and Optional PoE Output

Peplink IoT products

About Peplink

Peplink is the leader in SD-WAN solutions and cellular routers. Peplink's SpeedFusion SD-WAN routers in the BR1 and HDMax series have been deployed around the world, helping thousands of customers from varied industries to increase bandwidth, enhance Internet reliability, and reduce costs. Our complete product line includes models for businesses of all sizes and provides an award-winning Internet experience for customers. Peplink believes that quality, innovative products, and passionate customer service can help everyone experience a better Internet. That’s why customers around the world depend on Peplink. Peplink operates globally with offices in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Our solutions are sold and supported by distributors, system integrators, and strategic partners worldwide.


Peplink serves many industries like:

  • Hospitality: Affordably provide quality Internet access for guests in remote resorts.
  • Healthcare: Provide on-site diagnosis by securely streaming patient data to the hospital.
  • Education: Enable reliable remote learning in days. Media-rich learning with minimal bandwidth.
  • Retail: Unbreakable POS connectivity. Connect kiosks anywhere with LTE.
  • Finance: Securely and reliably connect branch offices and ATM to headquarters in an integrated solution.
  • Branch Edge: Achieve 99.999% availability and several times the speed of private lines at a fraction of the cost.

For Mobility & Specialized Markets

Address new Demands with 5G ready Equipment

  • Public Safety: Guarantee Mission-Critical Wireless Connectivity by Combining FirstNet Ready & Commercial LTE with SpeedFusionTM.
  • Transportation: Improve your customer satisfaction with Peplink SD-WAN. Gathers vehicle data and enhance the operating activities of your business.
  • Robotics / UAV: Enable New Applications that Used to be Impossible.
  • Maritime: Combine Multiple LTE, WiFi and VSAT for Video Streaming Onboard.
  • Media & Film Production: Get from Imagination to Production Faster with SpeedFusion Unbreakable VPN.
  • Broadcasting: Stream video at above-HD quality with SpeedFusion and WAN Smoothing.
  • Industrial Connectivity: Get ready for the Industry 4.0 deployments with Peplink SD-WAN and SpeedFusion!
  • HazLoc Connectivity: Secure and reliable connectivity 24/7, keeping you connected to those hazardous areas.