AirLink Complete is device management, support and warranty add-on for eligible AirLink cellular routers and cellular gateways.

AirLink Complete includes:

  • Access to cloud-based Network Management1 tools AirLink Management Service (ALMS) to assist with deployment, configuration, and upgrades. Access to ALMS ARA or Hosted AirLink Mobility Manager (AMM) is available at an additional cost
  • Direct Access to Tier 1 technical support from Sierra Wireless
  • Three (3) year hardware warranty (standard)
  • Extended hardware warranty2 (max. 5 years from purchase)3
  • Extended Emergency Support
  • Free firmware updates for the life of the device, available on release
  • Free access to the Source for all technical documentation and software downloads

Every purchase of an AirLink router or gateway1 includes the first year of AirLink Complete. After the 1st year, your organization will have the freedom to choose to extend this coverage over the life of your deployment.

Sierra Wireless offers 3 options when considering AirLink complete:

AirLink Complete Access to ALMS, Tier 1 support and all items listed above.

AirLink Complete ARA

(ALMS Advanced Reporting and Analytics)


Combines AirLink Complete with advanced historical reporting capabilities including a series of pre-defined reports that deliver deeper insight into the range of telemetry data that is reported to ALMS by AirLink routers and gateways.

Click here to see differences between ALMS and ALMS ARA

AirLink Complete ARA is not included in the price of the modem and is always offered at an additional cost.

AirLink Complete AMM 

(AirLink Mobility Manager)

Purpose-built for in-vehicle AirLink Routers, AMM combines AirLink Complete with leading-edge, end-to-end network management solution for simplified, remote and real-time mass configuration, control and troubleshooting of all in-vehicle AirLink® routers and gateways, connected mobile assets and mission-critical applications.

Sierra Wireless also offers AirLink Complete AM for fixed devices. Click here to see the differences between AirLink Manager (AM) and AirLink Mobility Manager (AMM).

AirLink Complete AMM is not included in the price of the modem and is always offered at an additional cost.

Download AirLink Complete Data sheets

For more details on AirLink Complete, download the AirLink Complete Data sheet.

For more details on AirLink Complete ARA download the AirLink Complete ARA (ALMS Advanced Reporting and Analytics) Data Sheet.

For more details on AirLink Complete AMM, download the AirLink Complete (AMM) Mobile Manager Data sheet.

1 Registration of devices to ALMS accounts requires an account in good standing.
2 Extended Hardware Support is only available on products that have not reached a formal End of Life.
The first three (3) years of coverage is provided under the standard warranty. Five (5) years of coverage is the maximum warranty provided for any Sierra Wireless product but must be bought at the time of original purchase.