AMIT Cellular Modems and Gateways

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Novotech distributes leading lines of AMIT cellular modems and gateways

MDG Embedded Modems

4G/LTE Socket Modem

4G/LTE Embedded Modem w/ M.2 Connection

4G/LTE Embedded Modem w/ USB Connection

IDG Modems and WAN Extenders

4G Modem with Ethernet in Enclosure

WiFi 4G WAN Extender in Enclosure

High Speed 4G WAN Extender in Enclosure

About AMIT

AMIT Wireless is an innovative company founded in 1998 for Wireless M2M-AIoT related products. The top product portfolios include 4G/5G Connectivity, Industrial IoT, and Vehicle Telematics. AMIT owns full IP network technology from basic protocol to infrastructure. They design embedded wireless network systems based on Wi-Fi and 5G/4G cellular or more advanced technology.

AMIT's products have a global reach, from America to Japan, Europe and several other developing countries. AMIT cooperates with system integrators of vertical applications, system providers, and telecom operators to provide IoT products for modern city construction and industry 4.0.


AMIT manufacturers cellular gateways and modems. These cellular devices come in various form-factors, interfaces and protocols. AMIT devices have high-grade housing and are certified to operate in harsh environments. 

AMIT's core technology enables wireless connectivity for Smart City, Vehicle, Office and building. They have an experienced R&D team working for more than ten years with core competence capable of handling various projects. 

AMIT has a flexible business model, rich products, a qualified factory, and friendly SDK that meets all partners' requirements. An extensive product portfolio achieves ubiquitous access in the outdoor and vehicle industries. This technology is scalable from stand-alone unit connectivity to sophisticated multi-level networking scenarios. 

AMIT Quality

AMIT is committed to quality policy based on the ISO certification quality system. A core pillar of AMIT's business is technology innovation. Continuous quality improvement to get customer satisfaction is a non-compromised policy. 

All staff members work to guarantee quality operations. The engineering process defines action items for all stages. From product idea, development, verification, production to after service. 

AMIT is a member of the green supply chain. All supply chains are 100% RoHS compliant. We follow environmental policy to protect our own earth.

AMIT Manufacturing

These devices are high-quality and made in Taiwan by experienced teams. These teams have been building Wi-Fi gateways for more than 10 years. NPI collaboration system integrates job functions between the RD design team and factory production team. 

AMIT has a well-established MRP logistics and SFCS production tracking system. They always keep efficient Flexible Manufacture System capable of large and small volume in time production. 

Well equipped with wireless production tools, this company has mass-produced LTE/M2M gateway for several years. Their factory always keeps up-to-date wireless production technology.

Business Scope

A Win-Win strategy is an essential partnership policy to build long-term business relations. Leading technology, a well-planned roadmap, and a flexible business model guarantee mutual success. There are more than 50 operators who design-win through partnership cooperation. 

With more than 50 million devices are sold, AMIT provides critical success factors for channel partners and system integrators. They will help fill the gap for upcoming explosive wireless and M2M-IoT gateway market demand. Also provided is famous design services for partners from the beginning for economic scale projects.


AMIT is a leading R&D-oriented company. Innovation is a core value. They are recognized as a famous gateway market-leading company. The core technology has been built based on long-time experience. 

Design process management is focused during product development to ensure quality. Emphasized testing environment and experience accumulation test case for design verification. AMIT will still invest money for new technology early engagement. And also a joint project with the university to train high-quality engineers.