Protempis RES SMT 720 (Formerly Trimble RES SMT 720) Timing module

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Secured Dual Band (L1/L5) GNSS Timing Module with Nanosecond Accuracy


Module Protempis Res SMT 720

Protempis's RES 720 module is a dual-band (L1 and L5) multi-constellation GNSS timing receiver that provides a single RF input for all GNSS bands. This new technology is called Protempis’s Smart GNSS Assurance ™. The integrated timing module has increased protection against interfering signals and increased security against Hackers.

The RES 720 module is designed to provide the most accurate time pulse possible in critical network infrastructures of 4G / 5G base stations, data centers, calibration services or other systems requiring precise PPS (pulse per second) output. Pulse per second accuracy (PPS) is up to 5 nanoseconds GNSS / UTC. Thanks to highly accurate timing and synchronization, the RES 720 module is suitable for optimization and improvement in any modern network. 5G Open RAN / XHaul, smart grid, data centers, industrial automation and SATCOM networks, as well as calibration services and perimeter monitoring applications.

Key Features:

• Cheap & easy to use
• Highly accurate and reliable
• Dual band L1 (1602MHz, 1575.42 MHz & 1561.098 MHz) and L5 (1176.45 MHz)
• Accuracy up to 5 nano seconds
• NMEA and TSIP configurations
• Timing module Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (T-RAIM), Protempis’s Smart GNSS Assurance
• Protection against hacker attacks
• Compact dimensions 19 x 19 mm
• Starter Kit
• RoHS compliant
• ISO 16750

Features  Specifications
L1 – 1602 Mhz and 1575.42 MHz GPS L1CA, GLONASS L1OF, Galileo E1, BEIDou B1, QZSS L1 SAIF
L1 – 1561.098 MHz  BeiDou B1
L5 – 1176.45 MHz  GPS L5, Galileo E5a, BeiDou B2a, QZSS L5, NavIC SPS
Receiver performance
Navigation update rate  1 Hz
L1 and L5 position accuracy  1 m CEP acquisition
Acquisition time
Cold start 30 s
Hot start 1 s
Tracking and navigation  -160 dBm
Reacquisition  -160 dBm
Hot starts  -157 dBm
Cold starts  -148 dBm
A-GNSS/A-GPS  GNSS data aiding service (such as ephemeris, time, coarse position) for a faster Time To First Fix (TTFF)
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