Trimble Free Space Optics (FSO)

Tired of paying huge installation costs to put in a leased line, only to have to pay big money each month too? It's time to "think before you dig".

Trimble's Free Space Optics (FSO) solutions
allow for quick, easy to set-up, secure connections between two more digging or monthly bills required!

FSO Image

Here is how it works:

- FSO units are placed at each end of the desired connection, up to 5Km apart
- The "heads" are lined up to establish communication between them, usually within minutes
- Well, that's, fast, fully duplex connectivity is ready to use

FSO Configurations

- Can be powered by standard PoE systems
- Can be monitored using standard SNMP protocols
- Auto tracking allows for self-correcting to maintain optimal alignment

- Cost-effective with no recurring costs
- Little or no interference issues
- Quickly deployed
- Highly secure
- License free

Ideal deployments
- Over natural / man-made obstacles (parks, forests, rail yards, etc)
- Temporary installations
- Transmitting highly secure information
- Ideal for a critical backup

We are in the process of adding Trimble's Free Space Optics (FSO) Wireless Communication Solutions to our site. To check availability, please contact us today.