Trimble's TMR1 Radio Offering

High-speed wireless connections between points.....because the world does not need any more wires.

TMR1 Wires

Need to set up a wireless connection between two points? Trimble makes it simple. 

Introducing Trimble's TMR1 Radio offering

Trimble's TMR1 is an ISM band (865-870 and 902-928 MHz) networked transceiver supporting license-free wireless communications around the world.  With available throughput up 2.6 Mbps, the TMR1 allows you to seamlessly integrate both serial and Ethernet traffic as well as having the throughput available for video...with a range as high as 70 miles has been demonstrated in low noise environments!
TMR1 Product

Ideal for:
- Oil / Gas
- Water and Electric Utilities
- Environmental Monitoring
- Agriculture
- Government
- Forestry / Mining
- Marine
- Video Surveillance

The Technical Low-down:

  • Supports both Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint network topologies.

  • Supports multiple speed/modulation pairs within a single network, allowing a TMR1 master radio to select the optional speed for each individual, a distant radio or changing noise level won't drag down the speed of the entire network.

  • Equipped with two data for serial/power and one for Ethernet (This allows you to attach sensors to the TMR1 in the field and to communicate with any TMR1 via Ethernet cables, a LAN/WAN or the Internet ... and do it securely, as all links can be protected by AES 128 or 256 bit data encryption and VLAN segregation).

    Built tough...

  • Can handle the toughest real-life industrial environments....from mines to construction sites to warehouses to oil rigs.

  • Rugged aluminum housing and connectors are certified to withstand submersion in 1 meter of water and are treated to withstand corrosion.

  • IP67, so it handles dust well too.

  • Works in temperatures as low as -50C.

Looking to build this technology into your own product?  Trimble also offers the TMR1 on a board level as well.  It offers much of the same range of features to allow you to get the job done right!

TMR1 Board
We are in the process of adding Trimble TMR1 radio offerings to our site. To check availability, please contact us today.