What is CONTROL?

CONTROL is Novotech's new online e-procurement quoting, ordering and tracking system. 

We can now provide you with 24/7 service when it comes to quoting your items online, making it easier for you to do business.

CONTROL will allow you to see your custom pricing on any product and place or track orders from your phone or computer, day or night!

Get pricing to your customers faster.

Upon Login, you'll be able to access your account to see your personal pricing on any product we sell.

Generate orders at lightning speed.

We've designed our new website to allow access on your account on phone, tablet or desktop. No matter what device you use, if you have internet, you can access CONTROL.

Pricing on the road or at the office.

You can now easily find and order products in minutes. With our new searching function we've made it easier than ever to get the products you know and use. To top it off,  all orders processed same-day.

Track your Order.

You won't have to hunt down a confimration email or call your sales person. With our new order tracking you can get your order status right from your account to see exactly where your order is in fulfillment.

Follow this link to create your account with us

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