As the global work landscape changes around us, we want to provide a quick guide on solutions your business might need and the technology behind it.
Read below to see how we help those impacted by the evolving global situation.

The Remote Worker

We have solutions to enable your company to work safely from home with a fast, reliable connection.

Secure, Safe and fast internet Connection

Full Area Coverage

Signal boosters ensure you have proper coverage throughout your workspace, including problem areas (basement, garages, rooms far away from the router.)Cel-Fi PRO improves 3G, 4G, and LTE cellular service by eliminating dead zones and dropped calls. With 100 dB of gain, Cel-Fi PRO will not only improve cellular service across four (4) concurrent bands, it will also reduce your cell phone’s power requirements and extend its battery life.
Signal Boosters In Stock

High-Speed Connection

High-Speed Connection
Novotech offers a wide range of manufacturers who provide high-speed connectivity to networks. Encompassing 3G/4G technologies and high-speed WiFi.High-Speed Routers and Gateways

Hospitals, Fire, Ambulance, Police, Utilities, Emergency Preparedness

Novotech is the number one provider of hardware and IoT Solutions to Canadian utilities and public safety.

Reliable, Secure, mission-critical connection

Out Of Band Management Capabilities for Crowded Networks

Out Of Band Management Capabilities
Network downtime can create significant problems. Ensure that your business stays up and running with an effective balance of secure, reliable LTE connectivity, Wi-Fi and WAN failover.OOBM Gateways and Routers

Routers and Gateways Provide Mission Critical Connection

Mission Critical Connection
Purpose-built to provide secure, always-on connectivity for mission-critical applications in public safety, transit and field services.
Designed for Mission-Critical Applications