Announcing a new GrandMaster Clock from Protempis (Formerly Trimble)

Protempis is putting the finishing touches on the next generation of the Grandmaster PTP Clock, the Thunderbolt PTP GM330 Grandmaster Clock! 

It's packed with many new features; three are game changing. The GM330 has:

  • an integrated switch with optical or copper port options
  • four (4) optical/copper 10-gigabit ports and two 1-gigabit ethernet ports
  • PTP Client count of 128 - +4,000 (dependent on profile & transaction rate)
  • It's half the size of the old server at 1/2 1U Rack.

Thunderbolt® GM330 PTP Grandmaster Clock Product Features

  • GNSS time source

  • PTP synchronization

  • 40-gigabit line rate switching

  • 4 optical/copper 10-gigabit ports and 2 1-gigabit ethernet ports


PTP Sync Highlights:  

  • 128-4K+ clients, depending on PTP profile & transaction rate

  • All major PTP profiles supported


GNSS Highlights:

  • Dual band (L1 & L5) enhances stability and security (spoofing & jamming resilience).

  • Provides continuous availability of UTC traceable time for phase synchronization

  • Employs industry-leading Protempis GNSS performance, and world class holdover technology



  • ½ 1U Rack

  • Power:  AC, DC, or POE+

  • Supports indoor and outdoor deployments with an extended operating temperature range (-40 to +85 C)

Availability of the GM330:

Q1, 2024

Want more information on the GM330?

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