Fleet Management Solutions in 2024 - A Brief Commentary by Mobile Mark

Fleet Management by Mobile MarkManaging a fleet has always been challenging, and advancing technology can help and hinder. In 2024, the challenges fleet managers face are familiar but are ever-changing. Let’s look at how Mobile Mark is tackling fleet management solutions improving lives of fleet managers everywhere.


Fuel Management Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Fuels costs are always on the radar regarding any fleet, but the constant fluctuations in cost add another level of complexity. Increasing prices impact operation costs, and price decreases are often fleeting.

Continuous updates to transit technology have led to the future potential for electric vehicles (EV) to replace gas vehicles on the road fully or partially. EV does not entirely negate the idea of fuel management; instead, it may complicate it even more. EVs come with a host of requirements, from connectivity to recharging. Environmental impact is one thing, but the complexity of adopting an entirely new way of driving a fleet is no small ask.

In short, resource management is high on the list of priorities, but it has never been simple. Luckily, modern vehicle tracking systems may have a solution. By integrating the tracking of vehicle health, distance driven, and engine health, fuel management can be predicted and overseen with relative ease.

Mobile Mark, Inc. (MMI) provides numerous types of antennas for over a dozen industries. Still, they have been a mainstay in the fleet industry for decades thanks to their considerable collection of options for every project. For a simple solution, MMI offers a variety of fleet management antennas with the basics in one or two cables. Options include the SMG-1575 for GPS only and CVWG-LTE or DMG-W15 for GPS and WiFi. For projects requiring a more robust system, the MMI catalogue offers several antennas with as many as eleven cables to cover all the bases, from 5G LTE to WiFi to GNSS. These include the four-cable LTMG408 and the seven-cable LLPG708.


Vehicle Maintenance & Prediction Fleet Management Solutions

Technology supporting predictive maintenance has dramatically impacted how we view vehicle health and driver safety. To help mitigate issues such as breakdowns or costly replacements, the proactive nature of predictive diagnostics is conducive to minimizing vehicle downtime when under maintenance and safety concerns and costs related to snowballing issues. Whereas previously, a busted part could lead to engine failure if left unchecked, now managers can predict the health of vehicles and their parts before it causes trouble.

Most importantly, reducing vehicle downtime has a costly impact on a fleet’s bottom line. Every minute a vehicle spends off the road equals lost revenue and labor hours. By predicting issues and addressing them before they hit the fleet, drivers can stay on the road and stay safer with minimal time lost.

Another factor involved in vehicle downtime is the time necessary to make improvements, such as adding or upgrading an antenna; for this reason, Mobile Mark engineers antennas with options for magnetic ‘Mag Mounts,’ which allow for installation without drilling a hole in the vehicle, and for single hole mounts, which require only one hole to install. With customization of cable length and connectors available, these factors reduce the time needed to install an antenna and get the vehicle back on the road faster.

The Mobile Mark Difference for Fleet Management Solutions

The Mobile Mark catalogue, including their subsidiary Comtelco, includes a robust offering of antennas from basic to complex, with as many as nine elements in one standard design, all in one radome. One of the best-selling MMI antennas is the LTMWG946, which can include up to eleven cables for 5G LTE, WiFi, and GNSS. For private LTE or 5G, and with WiFi 6e, this antenna simultaneously accommodates the need for large amounts of data, voice, and video streaming. Alternatively, for CBRS private LTE networks, the LLPG302 offers reliable connectivity in a rugged radome built for the elements.

The latest release from Mobile Mark is the MXG944, a nine-element antenna with capabilities for 5G, WiFi, and GNSS in a sleek, durable radome. Dual-carrier MIMO (Multiple-input, multiple-output) functionality is engineered for large amounts of data transmission with reliable coverage.


The world of fleet management is complex and ever-changing. Still, with advancing technology and a passionate antenna supplier, any fleet can take on the challenges ahead with confidence and connectivity. To learn more about the Mobile Mark Advantage and mobile antennas, visit www.mobilemark.com and view Resources.

We were fortunate to work with our friends at Mobile Mark who developed this great article on Fleet Management. Hope you enjoyed it.



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