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The most advanced technology for improving cellular coverage

The Cel-Fi signal booster product line is the best solution on the market for addressing the universal challenge of poor cellular coverage in the office, at home, or on the road. Unconditionally network safe, with an exceptional coverage footprint and Carrier approved for 3G/4G/LTE voice and data.

Novotech distributes leading lines of Cel-Fi Signal Boosters

Cel-Fi Product Lines By Nextivity

Cel-Fi In-Building and Remote Signal Boosters

A Signal Booster is a type of amplifier used to enhance signal strength across multiple applications, making it possible to use your devices in a space with little to no reception.

Indoor Smart Signal Booster for 3G, 4G and 4G LTE networks around the world.

Indoor Smart Signal Booster for 3G/4G/LTE networks around the world.

In-building enterprise cellular system. A hybrid active DAS that solves coverage issues for 3G/4G/LTE.

All-in-One Cellular Coverage Solution for both indoor/outdoor in Stationary and Mobile applications.

Cel-Fi Mobile Signal Boosters

Mobile Signal Booster are built for cars, trucks, recreational vehicles and all manner of water craft and allow for reliable communications while on the move.

Cel-Fi Antennas

Cel-Fi Antennas have been carefully selected to optimize quality and footprint for your desired solutions. All antennas have been tested and qualified to work with Cel-Fi boosters, and work in conjunction with Cel-Fi Mounts and the Cel-Fi WAVE Application to make installation easier.

Custom Antenna Kits for Cel-Fi Signal Boosters

Cel-Fi Pro Wideband Directional Antenna Kit with Cable and Mount

Novotech has specially bundled an assortment of products for your cel-fi signal booster. Included with each kit is the Cel-Fi Wideband Directional Antenna- An outdoor vertically polarized directional antenna, with 10dB gain in the low bands and 11dB gain in the high bands. The weather-resistant housing is built with UV stabilized ABS plastic. Optimized for CelFi products, the Cel-Fi Wideband Directional Antenna can be used with the Cel-Fi WAVE Antenna positioning app. Also included are standard brackets for mounting, which can be used with the Cel-Fi Pole Mount. Cabling is included in the kit; our standard cables are available in 20, 50 and 100-foot lengths. If you need a custom length for your project, please reach out to one of our sales staff.

4G LTE/Cellular Omnidirectional Antenna Kit with mounting hardware and cable

Novotech has specially bundled an assortment of products for your cel-fi signal booster. This Antenna kit is intended for use with the Cel-Fi PRO but compatible with many other cel-fi products.

This bundle includes The VenU® high-performance omnidirectional antenna designed for outdoor base station applications. It supports high capacity data throughput for 4G LTE Cellular, 3G and WiFi wireless networks in a compact housing. The antenna can be directly mounted via a built-in N female bulkhead termination that allows direct mounting to radio equipment. This kit also contains an Omni Antenna Mounting Bracket 1-4" Mast and a standard cable, available in 20, 50 and 100-foot lengths. If you need a custom length for your project, please reach out to one of our sales staff.

Signal Boosters

Cel-Fi products and solutions optimize cellular coverage while improving voice quality and data speeds. For 13 years Nextivity Inc. has been developing the award-winning the Cel-Fi cellular signal boosters which are self-configuring, carrier-approved, and unconditionally network safe; leveraging the IntelliBoost chipset to deliver the industry’s highest gain at the lowest cost per square foot.  


Optimize Cellular Coverage

Cel-Fi signal boosters optimize cellular coverage in enterprise, business, residential, and transportation applications are ideal for enterprise environments, small businesses, multi-story homes, remote settings, marine, and vehicles. The cellular signal boosters and other products have improved the business operations of farms, malls and banks, as well as improving the coverage for those who need mission-critical connectivity for public safety, like hospitals, first responders, and even the military.  

The company has devices certified for all mobile network operators including T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon in the US and Rogers, Bell, Telus and others in Canada.


Cellular Booster Technology

Nextivity developed its own family of baseband processors to power its flagship multi-core Cel-Fi® Smart Signal Booster®. Nextivity’s proprietary, proven, and the custom-designed third-generation signal processor is the driving force behind its Cel-Fi PRO and Cel-Fi DUO all-digital Smart Signal Boosters designed for use on 3G, 4G and LTE (including VoLTE) networks. Novotech and Cel-fi’s partnership has lasted for over a decade, with sales of more than 50,000 units in Canada alone. 



About Cel-Fi and Nextivity

Nextivity is headquartered in San Diego, with offices in Singapore and Swindon, and their products are authorized by 200 carriers across the globe. Cel-Fi cellular boosters were designed and developed using some of the most advanced radio frequency and signal processing technology in the market today. They have been awarded 12 patents and has another 15 pending. Of those patents awarded, 3 are for 5GHz Modem Technology, and 9 patents relate to Cellular RF Signal Processing.  Nextivity also prioritizes a commitment to the environment; The Cel-fi signal booster complies with all applicable environmental and safety regulations, including the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive and strives to use recyclable materials in products and packaging. 

Novotech Support & Warranty

We provide pre and post-sales consultation for cel-fi device set-up and installation. We partner with some of the top installation companies globally to source installation for your device. Novotech is committed to providing superior customer service when it comes to your cel-fi device. We have over 20 years of experience in support and can help you solve your issue quickly and efficiently. If you have issues with your device, please head over to our technical support page for more troubleshooting information or contact our technical support team. 



Compare Cel-Fi Signal Boosters

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