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Connecting People, Products, and Things to the Internet

NimbeLink is an IoT innovation company focused on creating cellular-based products and solutions, like embedded modems, asset tracking and development kits.

Novotech distributes industry-leading lines of NimbeLink Skywire Products.

NimbeLink prides itself on not just award-winning solutions, but the experienced, talented executives, engineers, and product specialists who deliver exceptional solutions and services. Although Nimbelink is relatively new to the IoT landscape with five years of healthy company growth, their Asset Tracking Solutions and Skywire Embedded Modems have many success stories from top channel partners.


NimbeLink Asset Tracking Solutions are customized edge-to-enterprise solutions that allow you quickly track, protect and optimize your assets.

NimbeLink’s extensive family of patented Skywire cellular embedded modems offer the latest 4G LTE technologies, including LTE-M, NB-IoT, and LTE CAT4. All Skywire products are built on the same small form factor and are pin-compatible, allowing you to future proof your product with the latest cellular technologies.


The Nimbelink embedded modems and development kits are used extensively for projects and applications in fleet management, and many highly customized IoT projects.

Novotech is a proud distributor of NimbeLink Asset Tracking devices – the AT2 and AT4 and cellular IoT modems: The Skywire modem line.