Inhand Networks

A Global Leader in Industrial IoT

InHand serves world-class partners and customers with industrial M2M cellular routers, gateways, industrial Ethernet switches, rugged computers and IoT management platforms.

Novotech distributes the popular InHand InRouters including the IR302, IR305, FWA02, CR202 and many more. Most offer same-day shipping.

MSRP as low as USD 169.

4G and 5G Cellular Routers

InHand Networks’ 4G/5G cellular routers offer secure, high-speed, and reliable connectivity for enterprises and individuals, allowing internet access anytime, anywhere, and effortlessly fostering business growth

InRouter IR301

InHand IR301 is a cost-effective, secure, compact industrial 4G (CAT NB/IoT) VPN router with an ethernet and serial port ( RS232/RS485), dual SIM holders and a Wi-Fi interface.


InHand IR302 is a cost-effective, compact industrial 4G LTE (CAT 4/1/M) router with two ethernet ports, dual SIM holders and an optional Wi-Fi interface.


The InRouter305 (IR305) is a dual-SIM cellular router with 5 Ethernet ports, I/O or serial ports, integrated 4G LTE (CAT 6/4/1), Wi-Fi, and VPN.

FWA02 5G, Wi-Fi 6 Router

The FWA02 is a 5G, cloud-managed Wi-Fi 6 router with dual SIM, multi-WAN, dual ethernet, built-in VPN, and optional eSIM.

ODU2000 5G Outdoor Router

The ODU2000 is an IP67-rated outdoor 5G (CAT 19) router with dual 2.5 Gbps ethernet, dual SIM and GNSS support.

Portable 4G/LTE Cellular Router, a great MiFi alternative

The InHand CR202 is a small and portable router that acts as a mobile hotspot for any of your devices (computer, tablet, cash register, etc). Once connected to the cellular network, it can handle up to 30 devices connected at one time delivering blazing fast 300 Mbps. That's 2x faster than a typical CAT4 router running at 150Mbps.

No Power? No Problem. The CR202 Portable Cellular Router can run up to 8 hours on a 500 mAh battery. That's more than enough to get you through any power outage.

IR900 Series InHand Cellular Routers

IG502 InHand Programmable Cellular Gateway

The IG502 is a new-generation IoT edge gateway with quick deployment, easy customization, Python programming and extensive interfaces. The onboard DeviceSupervisor™ Agent enables the configuration of edge-to-cloud data acquisition in minutes.

InVehicle G710 Series

The InVehicle G710 series LTE gateway provides high-speed, secure and uninterrupted network access for vehicles and transportation services, such as special-purpose, law enforcement, emergency, engineering and ambulance vehicles.

Cellular Routers

InHand Networks is a leading IoT solutions provider founded in 2001, dedicated to driving digital transformation across industries and empowering customers to unlock their full potential and achieve accelerated growth. InHand has deployed over 3 million products in over 60 countries through its 20+ year history.



InHand has proven itself a dominant player in the global IoT space with their extensive product offerings featuring intelligent software functions and industrial-grade design. They have several key global partnerships including being a AWS Select Technology Partner, Global Supplier of GE Healthcare, Schneider Electric CAPP Technology Partner, and Rockwell Automation Encompass Product Partner in Asia-Pacific.

About Inhand Networks

InHand Networks has many acknowledgements and awards for excellence in technology. Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, InHand is a globally operated company backed by Top Silicon Valley VC, listed on NEEQ 430642.

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