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Novotech distributes leading lines of MobileMark Cellular Antennas

Mobile Mark Antennas

An antenna is a transducer that converts radio frequency (RF) fields into alternating current or vice versa. There are both receiving and transmission antennas for sending or receiving radio transmissions. Antennas play an important role in the operation of all radio equipment.

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Cellular Antennas

Mobile Mark, Inc. is a leading antenna manufacturing supplying antennas to wireless companies throughout the world. Since 1984, They have offered innovative designs, quality manufacturing, and reliable performance. Many products feature innovative, patented designs, available only from Mobile Mark.  


Mobile Mark customers include both small, specialized manufacturers as well as significant players in the wireless industry. Their reach extends over many industries like Public Safety, Cellular M2M, Utilities, RFID Asset Tracking, Smart Highway, DAS & In-Building, Military, and Mining. With an extensive line of mobile, portable, and fixed site antennas, Mobile mark has solidified their place as a dominant player in the wireless industry for over 30 years.  

Custom Projects

Novotech and Mobile Mark Antennas have created many custom projects for municipalities, cities, first responders and more.


About Mobile Mark

Mobile Mark global headquarters, which includes design and production capacity, is located near Chicago, IL. The European group and factory, are located near Birmingham, England.

Novotech Distributes hundreds of antennas from Mobile Mark’s line card, with numerous customizable assets for any project: GPS & Glonass, Cellular & 4G LTE, Covert & Embedded, Device & Rubber Duck, Vehicle Mount, Site & Fixed M2M