AirLink® Antennas

This chart was last updated December 22nd, 2020.

Accelerate your deployment with always-on, end-to-end connectivity provided by our portfolio of high performance AirLink antennas. Tested and certified to provide optimal performance with all AirLink routers and gateways, Sierra Wireless offers an extensive portfolio of AirLink antennas—designed to connect a wide range of mobile and fixed applications in public safety, utilities, industrial and distributed enterprises.


Why Airlink Antennas?

Carefully matched to operate with AirLink Routers and Gateways. Tested and certified to enable high-performance connectivity vastly simplified product sourcing and ordering process, Serviced and Supported by Sierra Wireless, with 3 years warranty SharkFinThe SharkFin antennas have a compact OEM style housing that contains up to six high-performance antenna elements for a variety of antenna solutions—2x2 MiMo antenna elements function for 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE frequencies, and an active antenna for GNSS with 26dB gain LNA and dual-band 3x3 MiMo Wi-Fi (2.4/5GHz). Best-in-Class, End-to-End Connectivity Solutions for Fixed and Mobile.

Antenna Form Factor 





 3-in1 Wifi



High Gain Directional

Versions  2-in-1

3-in-1 WiFi







Paddle Cell

Paddle Wifi/Bluetooth

3-in-1 Puck Antenna  3-in-1 2-in-1



Mounting  Bolt Bolt  Screw Thread  Adhesive  Bolt Bolt Bolt Wall/Panel
Cable Extension 4m/13.1ft 5m/16.4ft N/A 3m/9.8ft 4m/13.1ft 6m/19.7ft 3m/9.8ft



Colour White/Black White/Black  Black  Black Black/White  Black Black White
Recommended  Application Mobile  Mobile Fixed  Fixed/Mobile Mobile Rail Fixed Fixed
Dimensions  (LxWxH) 172x61x50mm 6.7x2.4x2in 5-in-1

180x80mm 7.1x3.1in


176x62mm 6.9x2.4in

41x7x163mm 1.6x0.3x6.4in 214x77x16.5mm 8.4x3.0x0.65in 102mmx50mm 4x2in 260mmx110mmx87mm 10.23x4.33x3.42in 150x44x50mm 5.9x1.7x1.9in 94x180x230mm 3.7x7x9in
Feature Highlights  OEM robust design; Omni-directional; improved GNSS; recommended for vehicle installations Low profile form factor; Omni-directional; improved GNSS; recommended for transit and truck installations Sleek ruggedized profile; robust hinge; 2G/3G/4G LTE quad-band Covert; adhesive mount LTE antenna with GNSS for telematics and IoT applications Low profile; dual-band 3x3 MIMO Wi-Fi; Omni-directional; an ideal solution for in-vehicle Wi-Fi AP EN50155 certified IP67 weather-proof Omni-directional antenna purposely built for railway applications Bolt mount; fixed LTE MIMO antenna with GPS/GNSS and Wi-Fi elements suitable for versatile IoT applications Wall/Mast mount; LTE MIMO; high gain directional antenna for fringe coverage areas
Recommended Airlink Routers/Gateways MG90, RV55, LX60, MP70  MP70, RV55, RV50X, MG90 MG90, MP70, RV55, RV50X, LX40, LX60  MP70, RV55, RV50X  MG90, MP70 MG90, MP70, RV55 RV55 Wi-Fi, LX60 Wi-Fi, LX40 Wi-Fi RV55, RV50X, LX60
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Supported Technologies  Varies from Antenna to Antenna  WiFi, MiMo, GNSS, 2.4/5GHz, LTE Cell- LTE 698-3800MHz Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 2.4/5GHz or Bluetooth 2 x LTE 698-6000MHz (MiMo) + GNSS 3 x Wi-Fi 2.4/5GHz (MiMo) 2xLTE 698-3800MHz (MiMo) + GNSS Varies from Antenna to Antenna  2 x LTE 698-3800MHz (MiMo)

Dome AirLink Antenna

The Dome Antennas are high-performance, rugged, ground plane independent MiMo antennas. They have low profile design that contains up to eight isolated high-performance antenna elements in a single housing for optimal coverage. The Dome antennas are ideal for heavy-duty - transit or truck installations, with a simple single-bolt mounting.

SharkFin AirLink Antenna

The SharkFin antennas have a compact OEM style housing that contains up to six high-performance antenna elements for a variety of antenna solutions—2x2 MiMo antenna elements function for 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE frequencies, and an active antenna for GNSS with 26dB gain LNA and dual-band 3x3 MiMo Wi-Fi (2.4/5GHz).

BAT AirLink Antenna

Efficient element design that ensures high performance and a robust communication link, BAT antenna is purposely designed for high-speed telematics applications that can be mounted on any non-conductive surface. The isolated dual 4G/3G/2G antenna elements cover 698-6000MHz and GNSS with the option for dual-band Wi-Fi.

Panel AirLink Antenna

The Panel antenna comes in a compact, robust low profile housing that contains two antenna elements covering all current global cellular and LTE bands in frequency range 698-3800MHz and active GNSS antenna. With a single bolt mount and versatile bracket, it provides the ideal solution for a variety of fixed mounted applications.

3-in-1 Wi-Fi AirLink Antenna

With three Omni-directional dual-band Wi-Fi elements in a single housing, the 3-In-1 Wi-Fi antenna is IP66 certified built for internal/external Wi-Fi applications. Each element is isolated from the other with a separate feed and covers both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The 3-In-1 Wi-Fi is easy to install and is supplied with 4m low loss cables.

3-in-1 Rail AirLink Antenna

Incorporating a DC grounded element operating wideband across all frequencies from 698 to 6000MHZ, the 3in1 Rail antenna is a high-performance antenna housed in a high impact, weatherproof flame-retardant Ultem. EN50155 approved, this antenna is specially designed for use on trains, trams and buses.

Paddle AirLink Antenna

Paddle antennas are ground plane independent antennas designed with an articulated connector for flexible positioning of 0-90° pivot and a sleek ruggedized profile for durability.

High Gain Directional AirLink Antenna

With 6dBi of peak gain at 698-960MHz and 9dBi peak gain at 1710-3800MHz, the directional antenna provides extra gain for fringe coverage areas. The rugged, weather-resistant housing is designed for wall/mast mounting.