PRO-X Smart Accessory

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With 40 Meter Cable
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The Cel-Fi PRO-X was made exclusively as an accessory for the Cel-Fi PRO kits with external antenna connector. It helps combat certain issues that have arisen with the range of function on the PRO. While the PRO does boost network signal and reduce instances of dropped calls, poor audio and dead zones in most situations, sometimes the place where the device is needed is not easily accessible. For offices, homes, or buildings where a specific area is too far from the network unit to receive signal, is underground, or faces more signal blockers than other areas, the Cel-Fi PRO-X provides an easy solution. SKU: 590N030-006-10 / 590N03000610.

Sold separately from the Cel-Fi PRO unit, the PRO-X, once connected to a PRO unit by cable, allows coverage in these problematic areas. Includes 40 meter cable that accompanies this unit. It is recommended that a professional is consulted and hired to install it. Other available cable types vary by diameter and estimated range, and the most suitable is dependent on your needs.

The PRO-X brings the same FCC approved 100db worth of signal gain to the area it is placed in, just as the PRO unit, and it works with any Cel-Fi PRO booster without the need for modifications. The cable that is included can easily be installed by a professional, and then wired to the area where signal problems occur. Because it allows coverage in internal structures where signal might be unable to penetrate, the PRO-X can cover any blind spots that come about where the Cel-Fi PRO is the only device used. It is also compatible with PRO mounting brackets, and no additional power is required to run it.

As a plug and play device, there is no configuration needed. Just connect the cable and start boosting your signal.

Why Would A Wireless Signal Booster Need A Cable?

It is s simple - there are many environments in the world where radio frequency (RF) propagation is a bigger issue than we come across in the everyday world. Manufacturing, mining, marine, parking facilities to name a few, can make it impossible to boost cellular coverage over a wireless link due to external interference and other issues.

This Cel-Fi PRO-X accessory is easy for professional installers to set up and is a cost-effective add on to any Cel-Fi PRO. It allows for a cable connection between the Network and Coverage units to deliver a strong cellular signal even in the most challenging environments. Simply slide the Cel-Fi PRO Network Unit into the PRO-X sleeve, and attach the LMR-200 cable to the front using an SMA connector. A second PRO-X adapter snaps onto the Coverage Unit, providing an SMA connector to attach the cable. Cel-Fi PRO-X can provide a cabled connection of up to 40 meters. And because it uses a passive coupling, it doesn’t require any additional certification or power.

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