PCTEL Antennas

PCTEL designs and manufactures high quality mobile and fixed antennas for all applications from 27MHz to 6GHz including: GPS, GLONASS, Cellular, LTE, Wi-Fi, VHF-UHF-P25 Public Safety, 900MHz Unlicensed, Microwave links, Wi-Max, Timing, Smart Metering, Fleet Management, M2M/IoT, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Rail and any combination of them. The products featured here are ideal for use with the modern modems and mobile gateways available through Novotech. 

* All Series listed (Except the BMLPV) available with configured cable lengths and connectors
* The Trooper and GPSDLTEMIMO models support MIMO for LTE and  Wi-Fi as well as High Rejection GPS and GLONASS (5 separate Antenna Elements, 2 wideband LTE 2 Dual Band Wi-Fi, One HR GPS/GLONASS
* BMLPV Available with No Ground Plane Necessary or Vandal proof (N Bulkhead Mount Installed) Versions
* The GPSHP and GPSHP-LT contain 4 antenna Elements: 2 LTE/Cell, 1 Dual Band Wi-Fi & 1 HR GPS/GLONASS
* The PCTHP-MIMO series antennas contains 3, 4 or 6 Dual Band Wi-Fi Antenna Elements
* GPSDLTE also available in Magnet Mount

GPSDLTE Series:  PCTEL's original dual LTE, GNSS and dual-band Wi-Fi antenna series was meticulously designed to out-perform the competition in these key areas: 1) Pattern consistency (A MIMO Must) 2) Frequency consistency (no dead spots or return loss spikes over specific carrier bands) 3) Mechanical functionality (physical strength, ease of installation, repeatable manufacture while maintaining electrical specs) 4) GNSS superiority to provide satellite lock(GPS, GLONASS band coverage with high rejection.) These characteristics combine to make one of the best fleet and M2M/IoT antennas in the business. 

Trooper Series:  
With the same element style as the GPSDLTE series in a sleek package designed to fit between the roof ribs of major fleet vehicles or remain more unnoticed as part of a kiosk or meter, the Trooper series is the new face and flagship of the PCTEL multiband line. These powerful fleet antennas pack the second-to-none electrical performance our engineers designed in to the DLTE with looks that match. Sometimes less is more - and this smaller footprint allows for applications in the fleet and IoT worlds that were never before possible. 

PCTHP-MIMO Series:  
These new MIMO (multiple-input-multiple-output) WiFi antennas are ready to support the latest 802.11n and 802.11ac modems, but are also backwards compatible with earlier 802.11 generations. Several mounting options make installation easy, including both omni-directional and directional site antennas for network infrastructure as well as compact mobile antennas for high speed WiFi coverage on buses or trains, or data-intensive transmissions from video cameras. All are design with the latest antenna technology and built to exacting mechanical standards. These antennas will provide reliable connections for the most critical data links. 

GPSHP-LT Series:  
The GPSHP-LT Series combines the wideband, LTE and Cellular full spectrum coverage and High-Rejection GNSS performance that PCTEL is known for with the public-safety favorite "Shark-Fin" style aesthetics that led the way when cellular was simple. Fitting 1 LTE/Cell element, GNSS, and 2 Wi-Fi elements into this aerodynamic and less noticeable housing that fits various automobile roofs and narrow M2M surfaces was a great accomplishment, to maintain the high level of performance at the same time? That's the PCTEL advantage

GPSHP Series:  
PCTEL's first LTE combination antenna has stood the test of time. With a solid mechanical design and reliable element layout it has become the base for all fleet antennas at PCTEL. For SISO coverage with Wi-Fi and GPS, this is the gold standard.

BMLPVMB/LTE Covers the LTE, Cellular, and frequencies even above the Wi-Max spectrum all in a low-profile yet rugged antenna. Coming in 4 flavors - Vandal Resistant N Bulkhead through hole VP, Standard NMO mountable, high efficiency and vibration resistant heavy duty, Ground Plane Independent NGP as well as the NGP-VP combination - it is the most versatile line of low profile LTE antennas available.